Florida tourist trap suing Epic Games for alleged illicit portrayal in ‘Fortnite’

Coral Castle in Fortnite

Epic Games is not the only entity that is taking legal action over another, in light of the recent event that had its beloved franchise, Fortnite, removed from both the Google and Apple platform. It, too, is getting a litigation of its own, but not by one that is fundamentally involved in either gaming or tech. Rather, a tourist destination.

The contention boils down to a recently added map in Fortnite, which, for some reason bears the exact same name of the site itself. The map in question is the Coral Castle, the game’s supposed rendition of Atlantis, fitting of the overall Aquaman motif.

Upon its implementation, the Coral Castle becomes part of the game’s overall map, specifically at the North-Western part. True to its literal name, it comes as a castle with corals in it. Which, if anything, does allude to the mythical Atlantis, the kingdom undersea. Corals being an exclusive seawater undergrowth, suggesting the said castle’s seawater submersion at some point.

Miami, Florida’s ‘Stonehenge’

Coincidentally, Florida also has a man-made spot called Coral Castle which had been in existence since before WWII. Essentially a rock garden sculpted by one man over the span of many years single-handedly, the Stonehenge-like site fuels an ongoing “mystery.” Which, despite its rather simplistic looks, appears to be the capital foundation of its still presence.

What’s more interesting than the site itself is perhaps the very same person who built it years ago. That is, speaking of a person who claims to have understanding at how the pyramids of Egypt were built. But, alas, also something that he failed to disclose in as much as he did with the Coral Castle.

Trademark Infringement?

However, for the now owners of the “landmark,” the appearance of “Coral Castle” in Fortnite is no mere coincidence. But rather insinuates that its very idea draws parallel to their valued place. The exact same place that will cost anyone $18 for entry. Ten cents formerly when goods were not as inflated as they are today.

Specifically, the owners of Miami’s Coral Castle is accusing Epic Games of “stealing” its name and its thematic elements. Pointing to literally everything that can be seen in it, with the commonality being that they are made of corals. That and the notion of the vibe that comes with the “centuries-old mysterious place.”

As any would have guessed, the lawsuit boils down to demand for monetary compensation. Particularly due to the confusion, court cost, and “illicitly” using the Coral Castle trademark without the express permission of the owners of the site.

The amount that the complainants are asking is unknown.

Image used courtesy of itsJerian/YouTube Screenshot

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