FMV thriller ‘Death Come True’ will arrive to PC on July 17


Danganronpa creator Kazutaka Kodaka announced Death Come True for the PC. The upcoming game will be a brand new FMV adventure game with a sci-fi twist.

Death Come True will come out as the first title for Kazutaka’s new company, Too Kyo Games. The FMV game will be among a few modern titles of its kind these days. Some others include Her Story, Telling Lies, and The Bunker.

DCT follows Danganronpa’s creative madness

DCT has a weird billing, listing it as a “new wave interactive movie game.” This is odd, considering it seems to mean it’s some type of interactive fiction. The game follows the same formula that Danganronpa tried with the visual novel scene.

Kazutaka is famous for trying to innovate the visual novel scene with his series. His unusual creativity within interactive fiction shows off his genius in storytelling.

Even before Danganronpa became an international hit, the title was already a cult classic. The game was famous in Japanese media circles before it received proper localization.

DCT is quite a compelling game. Its multiple trailers so far are masterful works of suspense.

DCT follows a young man as a protagonist, who wakes up in a hotel. He opens his eyes to see a woman tied up in the bathtub and an ongoing news report. The news report ties him up as a serial killer.

So far, the young man does not know what’s happening or who’s the woman in the tub. The story’s progression will depend on the decisions of the player. What fans can assure themselves is that there will be a lot of deaths along the way.

DCT looks to become an FMV masterwork

Each death in Death Come True will accumulate a collection of “death medals.” These will base on the way the other person dies, and these are visible in “Deathtube.” The game encourages players to collect these medals for completion.


Accounting for the disjointed trailers, there is another serial killer on the loose. The gas-mask-wearing seems to be very busy killing people. The player character has a ton of choices to make that will make or break their future.

The amnesiac main character, named Makoto Karaki, has a ton of questions to answer. The way the player interacts with the environment is exquisite. The unfolding mystery is gripping, with many ways to move the story forward.

Everything makes sense so far, and every player can jump backward in time when they die. Death Come True has a Steam page where fans can find the English version of the trailer. The game will come out on July 17.

Images courtesy of Izanagi Games/Youtube Screenshot

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