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Foldable iPhone within the horizon, could arrive in 2023


A foldable iPhone is under development in Apple’s labs, and if everything goes smoothly, it might hit the shelves in 2023.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo rattled the whole Apple world with his investor’s note today. It is sending major giddiness to Apple fanatics around the world.

If his information holds out to be true, Apple fans have so much to look forward to in the years to come. As usual, Apple is arriving late in the game in terms of development. Nonetheless, the company has successfully maintained the charm of its branding to stay at the top of the ladder.

Foldable iPhone may arrive in 2023

Kuo reports that the Cupertino-based company is working hard in developing a foldable smartphone. The birthname of the new device is still up for contention because it may or may not be called an iPhone. This new foldable device is expected to arrive in 2023. That is if everything in the development goes as planned.

By then, Samsung will already be in its fifth version of its Galaxy Z Fold series. Of course, Apple could care less because of the infamy that the first Samsung foldable received back then. Therefore, it has to ensure that when it’s foldable hits the market, it will be perfect.

The screen on the new foldable iPhone may go as big as 7.5 to 8 inches diagonally. Its outside screen remains a mystery if it would look like the face of a regular iPhone.

Notchless iPhone also in 2023

Kuo also reports that the development in Apple will heavily depend on the success it finds this year. Again, if the rollout goes smoothly, Apple may also finally go notchless this 2023. Unfortunately, Kuo reports that this feature might be limited to the Pro models in that year.

So what happens in 2022? Hole punch! Yes, Apple is considering hole punches for its iPhones next year. It could be a strategic move to finally introduce a differentiator between the regular and Pro models besides the cameras.

In other words, the world may finally see how Apple will implement a hole punch after tons of Android phone makers have had it for quite some time. There is still no concrete information about this, yet so everything has to be taken with a grain of salt.

If Apple truly goes notchless for 2023’s iPhone Pro models, that would mean it will have tons of new features. It should include an under-display camera for selfies. It may also have an in-screen fingerprint scanner for unlocking. Another option is for it to integrate TouchID on the power button.

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