Food company hires experienced ‘Animal Crossing’ island designer to promote business in-game

Yummy House ad seeking 'Animal Crossing' Island Designer

A food company based in Hong Kong is looking for a talented and experienced Animal Crossing player to design an island and promote its business in-game; as compensation, the company is offering a monthly remuneration of HKD 20,000 ($2500).

Yummy House, a Chinese food company, is behind the initiative as it seeks to bring its brand to the popular Switch game. As a food enterprise, the company is popular for making soups, sauces, as well as canned goods, including spicy mushroom clams.

Yummy House Wants You

Bedazzling, the ad comes presented with an anime girl mimicking Uncle Sam’s iconic pointy finger gesture as a call for applicants.

There are literally millions who would seemingly qualify for the role, considering Animal Crossing‘s popularity and the overall number of sales. However, the company is separating out the wheat from the shaft by imposing a certain few requirements for the job.

Particularly, the idea that the ideal candidate must have logged at least 100 hours in the game. Furthermore, the chosen candidate would be able to accomplish the task within a month’s time.

If chosen, the successful applicant will be given a Nintendo Switch for the job. Payment will soon follow at the end of the month after the project’s completion.

Easy Candidates

Realistically, finding the right person for the job would be easier than difficult for Yummy House. When avid fans are clocking hundreds, if not thousands, of hours into the game, the time requirement is easily met.

If that idea is not surprising enough, one of the most avid fans of the franchise is, reportedly, an 88-old woman. Playing on the Nintendo 3DS, the gaming grandma, named Audrey, clocked a staggering 3500+ hours in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Records of such dedication is hard to come by, especially at an era inundated with games. This made grandma hard to overlook by the people of the internet. To pay tribute, the internet crowdsourced $500 for the legendary gamer with the goal of buying a Switch and New Horizons.

Even the developers of the game pay homage by creating an in-game NPC after her name—the wolf NPC named Audie.

Considering also the degree of freedom found in-game, many creatives have been building islands with some mastery of the game. Some base on completely new ideas, while others take inspiration after pre-existing landmarks. Including those inspired after other intellectual properties.

Image used courtesy of Twitter/Daniel Ahmad

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