For $6.99, Google will send printed photographs to your doorsteps

Click a picture, store it in Google Photos, and forget. For someone who does this without printing any of the photographs taken by their smartphone, Google has now a solution.

Just for a mere amount of $6.99 per month, Google will use a machine-learning method to automatically select ten of the consumer’s best photographs present on their smartphones and will send it to their doors.

This feature will curtail the workload of printing out the photograph even if some forget to. As COVID-19 has made everyone lock inside their respective home, Google will help its customers avoid going outside and getting printed photos as desired.

Isn’t it so exciting to have all 10 best photographs without any extra workload?

The renowned company announced this premium printing facility today, but the proposal was trialed earlier this year.

There isn’t much difference between the trialing phase and the announced proposal of this membership.

The only significant difference is that Google has at least loped a dollar off from the membership proposal made during the trial period.

That is exciting and interesting simultaneously, but consumers are still paying an extra convenience charge for selecting a photograph and getting it mailed.

During the trial period, Google permitted all its subscribers to give directions to algorithms. Foreseeing the other process by prioritizing various labels like “people and pets,” “landscapes,” or send “a little bit of everything.”

As of now, there isn’t any official announcement made by the company that these labels will pertain to the official membership plans or not.

Google even hasn’t declared anything regarding the picture printing size of the photographs. Still, its suggestion that the photos be used as postcards depicts that it will stick to the 4 x 6-inch size for printing as done in this proposal’s trailing period.

This membership will also include several options that will help Android-users edit or recreate the original photographs. Google, in a blog, said that the users would get several options to edit the photos.

Google can edit the photos as per the consumer’s requirements

The main feature of this membership for users will include control over the photos. Consumers can choose between glossy or matte and add a borderline to the photograph before it is shipped to at their doorstep.

Along with all these premium services, Google will also add Walgreens to its services, which will help the user select the photographs from Google Photos and order prints from Walgreens. Walgreens offers canvas prints and photo books facility as well.

Image courtesy of BigTunaOnline/Shutterstock

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