‘For Honor’ to come to next-gen consoles, full progression transfer included

For Honor trailer snapshot

Coming in a blog post, Ubisoft has announced its plan to port its 2017 brawler title, For Honor, to next-gen consoles.

As part of its port to more advanced hardware, For Honor will feature changes that take advantage of its breakthrough technology. Aside from the obvious visual enhancements in many facets, it will also perform substantially better than the original.

Performance-wise, the next-gen version will be running at a steady frame, at high resolution like 4K, and drastically reduce or cut offloading times. All these capabilities draw from the upcoming consoles’ vastly superior technology than current-gen platforms.

Free upgrade

While seemingly a stunt aimed at milking an existing franchise on newer hardware, the company is actually offering free upgrades for the game. Meaning, any individual who already pre-own the game will not need to buy the game anew in order to experience it on either the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S.

Coincidentally, that also means that early adopters of next-generation gaming consoles can get their hands on the game as soon as it launches if they already own it.

Pre-existing For Honor owners, however, need not hesitate to make the jump over the upgrade for fear of starting from scratch. As part of the transition, Ubisoft is also implementing a feature that will players’ existing progress carry over to the new hardware.

Different Xbox experience

Xbox Series X/S owners will be up for a different encounter, depending on the type of console they own. Being the cheaper and inferior model, those who would be playing on the Series S can expect a constraint, particularly on the display resolution. Unlike the Xbox Series X that is able to run games at 4K, it is only capable of displaying up to 1080p.

The issue of running display resolution may not be an issue for some, which is indeed the target market of the product. But for individuals who own big screens at home, let alone 4K, display size would indeed be a major concern as far as visual quality.

Fortunately for will be either Series X or Series S owners, both of their platform versions are capable of sustaining a steady framerate of 60 FPS. The disparity between 60 and lower FPS is not necessarily night-and-day, however. Still, knowing that the console is able to sustain a frame rate that even the Xbox One X struggles with gives a lot of confidence over the machine’s potentiality.

Players can expect the 60 FPS patch to arrive on next-gen platforms post-launch sometime in Year 4, Season 4 (Y4S4) in December.

Image used courtesy of GAMEOST/YouTube Screenshot

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