For Korean netizens, Aespa Giselle’s rapping is off

With Aespa Giselle’s short showcase of talent in a video clip, the Korean netizens seem not to enjoy what they heard and thought that the idol’s skills are not enough.

SM Entertainment has dropped Aespa member Giselle’s solo video teaser exhibiting her prowess in rapping.

The individual member video teaser for Aespa’s Giselle was revealed on November 5, 2020. The same as with Winter’s teaser, some clips of Giselle’s scenes were already shown in the first Aespa video teaser, which featured the four group members.

Giselle’s rapping exhibition

Giselle’s teaser video revealed her rapping on the neon-lit streets and posing inside a room darkly lit. Compared to Winter’s teaser, Giselle’s teaser is more urban and hip rather than more like a video game. The use of neon effects on her video somehow suit her hip-hop style.

Winter was seen interacting with her AI version in her teaser, but Giselle’s spends more time with her AI version on her teaser. Giselle is seen texting with her AI version of the lyrics of her rap.

The close-up scene revealed a switching between Giselle rapping and her AI version. This somehow shows that they are the same as one is virtual, and the other is a real human.

What makes Giselle’s rap impressive is that she did it with multi-languages such as Korean, Japanese, and English. This proves the idol’s fluency with the three languages.

The picky and unmoved fans

Moreover, despite Giselle’s rapping prowess in her video clip, which impressed international fans, the Korean netizens are not feeling the same way.

They point out that Giselle is just a mere idol rapper,” which means in Korea that even though she is not good at it, she raps because the group has better vocalists and dancers.

Some netizens said, “Although her pronunciation is good because she is a foreigner,… I’m not that sure about her rapping skills” and “Is she the main rapper of the group? There are lots of girl group members who can rap better than her.”

Look at Giselle’s rapping here:

Meanwhile, the debut of Aespa is set on November 17, 2020, with Black Mamba. What do you think about the rapping of Giselle? Will you give her a chance?

Image courtesy of aespa/YouTube Screenshot

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