DLSS setting is causing aiming issues in ‘COD Warzone’


There’s an annoying issue in COD Warzone that’s making a lot of trouble for players, especially when trying to aim.

COD Warzone is causing the sight to get misaligned when players try to aim before shooting. It happens whenever DLSS is enabled in the settings.

‘COD Warzone’: What’s the DLSS issue?

During multiplayer matches, getting a high frame rate always remains a priority for most gamers.

And with this objective, COD Warzone gave them the option with the latest update. It allowed the Nvidia DLSS to optimize the title’s graphics for smoother gameplay.

Nvidia DLSS uses sampling for upscaling graphics in real-time. Then it renders lower resolution images for a better enhancement on modern computer monitors.

Warzone recently made it available for all those who wanted increased FPS (frames per second) figures.

While players did receive a boosted FPS rate, they also witnessed a weird and irritating problem after the new update.

A Call of Duty YouTuber JGOD recently showed that the DLSS setting is causing COD Warzone to misalign crosshairs. The weapon optics become inaccurate and reduce its accuracy.

Yes, the frame rates get an advantage when DLSS is enabled, but aiming has become difficult.

As a result of this, shots fired are ending up landing left or right instead of hitting the target.

While most of the optics are having this issue, only the tac laser is doing great still. That is, it’s performing properly while determining where bullets will go.

Speaking of the problem, again, then devs seem to be unaware of it as of now.

But they are expected to notice it in a few days.

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Upcoming Activision projects

Meanwhile, the publisher is working on its future strategies and enormous plans for the coming years.

As per the latest reports, Activision will expand its overall team of developers in the next two years; this means players will witness more new titles, hopefully.

Talking about this year, the later section of 2021 will see another addition in the major Call of Duty series.

Sledgehammer is currently working on developing the upcoming, new installment in the franchise.

When it comes to other offerings, few rumors have indicated that a mobile port for COD Warzone may arrive soon. However, it’s not at all confirmed in anyways at the moment.

Furthermore, all the past entries in the series may receive a mobile version in the future, as per recent reports information to Activision.

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