Ford reveals 2021 Bronco SUVs for under $30,000

Ford reveals 2021 Bronco SUVs for under $30,000

Ford revealed its new “family” of Bronco SUVs, including two- and four-door SUVs as well as a smaller Bronco Sport SUV. The models are squarely positioned against Fiat Chrysler’s Jeep brand.

The iconic Ford Bronco makes a much-anticipated appearance, including the first-ever four-door variant. The flagship car is said to feature Ecoboost engines, seven-speed manual transmission and 35-inch tires. 

2021 SUVs for under $30,000

Ford Motor is taking a break from the current nation’s No. 1 off-road seller, the Jeep Wrangler. As reported by CNBC, Ford released the 2021 Bronco SUV in a highly anticipated relaunch Monday night.

For the record, the Bronco is a boxy utility vehicle that generated a cult following after it was discontinued back in the year 1996.

Ford announced the price of the new Bronco, starting at $29,995, including destination charges, merely $205 above a base Jeep Wrangler. Top-end model cars with extra added features and equipment can top $60,000. At the same time, a limited “First Edition” Bronco model starts at $60,800.

The two- and four-door Ford SUV models are similar to the Wrangler in terms of size, which is regularly among Fiat Chrysler’s best-selling vehicles in America.

“It’s a long time coming. The market is waiting and ready,” said Jeff Schuster, president of the Americas and global vehicle forecasts for research firm LMC Automotive. 

Ford reveals 2021 Bronco SUVs for under $30,000

Besides the base Bronco, there are six other trims, and the prices can climb quite high. Here is the complete list according to Auto Blog.

  • Base

Two-door: $29,995

Four-door: $34,695

  • Big Bend

Two-door: $34,880

Four-door: $37,375

  • Black Diamond

Two-door: $37,545

Four-door: $40,040

  • Outer Banks

Two-door: $40,450

Four-door: $42,945

  • Badlands

Two-door: $43,590

Four-door: $46,085

  • Wildtrak

Two-door: $50,370

Four-door: $52,865

  • First Edition

Two-door: $60,800

Four-door: $64,995

2021 Bronco Sport

Aside from the new regular SUV, Ford also showcased the Bronco Sport. The vehicle is more of a family-oriented SUV intended for the Chevy Blazer or Jeep Cherokee. 

The 2021 models feature removable roofs and doors, similar to what we have seen in Wrangler cars. The newly launched SUVs also highlight more than 200 factory-backed accessories and will come standard with four-wheel drive. 

Bronco Sport is supposed to start arriving in dealerships by the end of this year, followed by the other choices next spring. Ford, as one of the biggest car producers, began taking $100 refundable deposits for the vehicles Monday night.

Ford compared the 2021 Sport SUV variant, which will be built on a different vehicle platform than the regular Bronco SUVs, to a Jeep Compass, a less truck-like compact sport utility vehicle. The family car is expected to be more mainstream than the Bronco but still has off-road capacities.

Image used courtesy of MOTOR1/YouTube Screenshot

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