Former developers of ‘Little Nightmares’ reveal untitled sci-fi horror game

‘Little Nightmares’ development team takes to Twitter to announce that they are working on a new project currently for players.

Tarsier Studios has revealed that it is working on a new project. The dev team of Little Nightmares has not shown the name, but the work is ongoing.

They are cooking up a new horror game

The development team for Little Nightmares is cooking up their latest horror game on their own. The Tarsier Studios have not revealed much about the new release, but they are working on it.

Little Nightmares is an excellent game where players have to play with a tiny main character.

The game starts on a ship where Six (the main character in a yellow raincoat) is stranded, and you, as the player, have to help her escape.

The game has indeed given various perspectives to players of all ages. Tarsier Studios have commented that the ending of Little Nightmares is a tricky subject. Players are asked to depict their type of ending.

For the new development, the dev team is undoubtedly excited to be working on a new project. Based in Malmö, Sweden, the new studio, also known as Section 9, has put up new images on their Instagram and Twitter.

The new upcoming project is titled a sci-fi thriller. Indeed the dev team has not told anything that it will be following Little Nightmares‘ footsteps or not, but they are undoubtedly developing something interesting for players.

A sequel for Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares and its sequel have a Tim Burton appearance. If you have seen Ridley Scott’s Alien, then you might catch the new development of Studio 9.

The new game comes out as a product and mix of the two lot, as the players are left stranded on a desolated surrounding.

The images shared by the team show that the new playthrough will be taking place in an alien spaceship. In Little Nightmares, players have come through enemies named Giger.

But sadly, the Giger part is being eliminated from the new series. The enemies are much more relaxed now.

They indeed look like a mix between mechanical droids and transforming monster akin. If you have played BioShock or Deadspace, you will get the proper idea of how the monsters are.

There has not been a release date for the new project by the team. The team has said that Little Nightmares 2 is going to be released on 21st February. Players are excited already!


Image courtesy of Tarsier Studios/YouTube Screenshot

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