Former Florida tax collector attempted to use Bitcoin to pay for pardon

Former Florida tax collector and crypto advocate Joel Greenberg allegedly attempted to use Bitcoin (BTC) to pay for a presidential pardon.

According to a report from The Daily Beast cited by CoinDesk, Greenberg offered to send $250,000 in the cryptocurrency to former U.S. President Donald Trump’s political consultant Roger Stone. The amount was to act as the fee for Stone securing a pardon for the former official.

Citing some screenshots of messages that were allegedly sent by Greenberg, the report claimed that the former tax collector wrote, “If I get you $250K in Bitcoin, would that help or is this not a financial matter.”

Just a part of a bigger story

The disclosure of the alleged attempt of Greenberg is part of a bigger story featuring Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, who is being investigated for reportedly having an intimate relationship with a minor.

Greenberg, meanwhile, has been charged by prosecutors because of a number of legal violations, including the sex trafficking of a child. As part of his case, Gaetz, who is a member of the Congressional Blockchain Caucus, is also being investigated.

The Daily Breast said it got a copy of the confession letter that the former Florida official wrote as part of his attempt to secure a pardon, with Gaetz being implicated in allegations of sex with a minor.

Incriminating confession

The confession letter of Greenberg penned in 2020 reportedly stated that, “On more than one occasion, this individual was involved in s*xual activities with several of the other girls, the congressman from Florida’s 1st Congressional District and myself.”

The former tax collector went on to say that among the few methods he and Gaetz used were gas money, gifts, rent, or partial tuition payments.

The Cash App of Square and PayPal’s Venmo were just some of the tools that were used to make payments on behalf of the congressman, as alleged by Greenberg in his confession.


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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