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Former Intel engineer claims quality has pushed Apple to ditch Skylake processors


A former Intel engineer claims that the company’s quality control is what made tech giant Apple decide to ditch Skylake processors.

It is indeed an announcement that shocked the tech community. Apple is moving away from its usual Intel processors and will use custom-designed ones instead. According to a former engineer, Apple made this decision because of poor quality control of the Skylake processors.

Although there is a lot of speculation surrounding this decision, quality control seems to be the most plausible. Many believe that Apple will use the latest Skylake processors, but to everyone’s surprise, it did not.

In-house processor vs. Intel Skylake

There are a lot of points to be considered in this argument. Some say that Apple is using its custom-designed processors because it wants more control. This is a valid argument since the tech giant will have more control over the specs and feature it wants.

Apple is also saving a lot of money by ditching Intel and choosing to use its own custom-designed processors. By cutting the third-party supplier of its processors, Apple is set to make a lot of savings.

However, former Intel engineer Francois Piednoel seems to disagree. Piednoel claims that the Skylake quality control is to be blamed for Apple’s decision to switch processors. In a recent video post on YouTube, Piednoel describes Skylake’s quality control as “abnormally bad.”

Piednoel adds:

“Basically our buddies at Apple became the number one filer of problems in the architecture. When your customer starts finding almost as much bugs as you found yourself, you’re leading into the right place.”

The future for the iMac

Now that Apple has confirmed that it is ditching Intel, some might say that the iMac’s future is uncertain. On the contrary, Apple appears to have a backup plan, and that is to develop and manufacture its own processors in-house.

Not much is known about this secret Apple processor, although rumors are claiming that it is faster than Intel’s. Apple claims that the processor is power efficient that led many to believe it might use the ARM architecture. This actually coincides with the tech giant’s plan of releasing its first ARM-powered device before the year ends.

As for Intel, Apple ditching its Skylake processor is a big blow to its business. Apple is a big business partner and a source of a stable revenue stream. Nevertheless, the company is still poised to release new hardware in the coming months.

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