Former New Zealand PM & Sonny Bill Williams caught up in crypto scam


Fake news articles have emerged in which the former Prime Minister of New Zealand, Sir John Key, and Rugby star Sonny Bill Williams appear to endorse a dodgy crypto get-rich-quick scheme.

The most recent article, which appeared on social media in recent days, includes an image of the former New Zealand PM and falsely claims he’s invested $500,000 in a cryptocurrency opportunity that will “earn thousands of dollars daily”.

Major New Zealand media outlet,, has also been caught up in the scam. The fake news article imitates the respected website’s ‘BusinessDay’ page.

Stuff reported on the scam after a concerned reader notified the company.

The fake news article has emerged on social media over the past few days.
The real businessday page, showing the header template imitated on the fake article.

The crypto scam

Notorious crypto scam website ‘Crypto Revolt’ is believed to be behind the fake news article.

The dodgy company has a history of falsely claiming New Zealand celebrities are using its ‘platform’.

Two months ago, a similar article was circulated on social media which included a fake interview with Kiwi rugby star Sonny Bill Williams about his wife making a fortune from Crpyto Revolt.

New Zealand rugby star, Sonny Bill Williams.

“It took her a couple of days to get the hang of it but then she got really good at this amazing computer programme called Crypto Revolt!” said the fake article.

Neither John Key or Sonny Bill Williams have any link to Crypto Revolt.

Crypto Revolt exposed

A blog dedicated to exposing crypto scams,, has exposed Crypto Revolt in an investigation.

“Crypto Revolt App is an epitome of fraud,” concluded the review.

A series of other online reviews have labelled Crypto Revolt a scam. Readers should not engage with the company.

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