Formula 1 window for Sebastian Vettel closing after Alonso signs with Renault

Sebastian Vettel has much to ponder on for his future in Formula 1 after Fernando Alonso signed with Renault for 2021 and 2022.

Scuderia Ferrari didn’t have the best weekend in Austria last week. Fortunately, they were still able to salvage a lost cause with the second-place finish of Charles LeClerc. However, the fortune didn’t spill over to Sebastian Vettel as he ended the race with just a P10 finish.

The bad news just keeps on piling for Vettel. Ferrari still hasn’t fixed their car issue for this weekend, which means he’ll still struggle on the tracks. Not having a good car also means that Vettel will have to find a way to have a strong exit from Ferrari. It is crucial for him to do so as he still doesn’t have a team to race for next year.

Further, the signing of Fernando Alonso with Renault just reduced the chance of Vettel signing with a good team.

Sebastian Vettel in 2021

Vettel’s future is still hanging in the balance. He was allegedly cold-called by Mattia Binotto about the team not re-signing him for 2021. It was a tough blow considering the success that he has brought to the team. However, the business of racing is really tough, and he just has to move forward with his career.

After Fernando Alonso formalized his commitment to Renault, Vettel lost his opportunity to land with a strong mid-field team. Now he only has Haas, Aston Martin, Alpha Tauri, Alfa Romeo, and Williams to choose from.

Vettel in Mercedes?

Earlier rumors pointed to the idea that Vettel may make a super team with Lewis Hamilton in Mercedes. However, the reality is harsh, and Mercedes wouldn’t want to rock the boat with the solid base they have with Bottas and Hamilton. As such, Vettel landing in a Mercedes car is close to impossible.

On the flip side, Vettel can attempt to return to his former Red Bull team. Unfortunately, the future looks secure for the team with Verstappen and Albon in charge. Alpha Tauri is also not an option as it is the training team for future Red Bull racers.

Moving forward, Sebastian can crack Aston Martin for a chance at a wonderful car patterned after Mercedes’ W11. Again, unfortunately, the focus of the team will be the transition from Racing Point to Aston Martin. Changing drivers doesn’t look like the team’s priority at this point.

The last few choices that Vettel has are Haas and Alfa Romeo. Sadly, the future of these two teams is young racer development. It would seem like Vettel is in no man’s land. He still has two options left. First, try a different racing competition. Second, retirement.

Image from cristiano barni/Shutterstock

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