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‘Fornite’ game’s matchmaking system is back on squad, says leaker


Skill-based matchmaking was recently removed due to player backlash. However, a leaker says the matchmaking system is back.

Skill-based matchmaking has been the subject of controversy no matter what game it was added to. The matchmaking system is designed to match players with the same skill level. However, players found out that the system is unreliable.

After it was introduced in the Fortnite 10.40 update, players hastily voiced their complaints against the matchmaking system. In addition to its unreliability, the time it took to find matches was doubled. The matchmaking system was updated and later removed.

However, a data miner is saying that the dreaded matchmaking system has been implemented again.

Feature removed

Despite efforts in fine-tuning the skill-based matchmaking of Fortnite, developers decided to remove the feature in the Squads playlist a few weeks ago.

This decision came after the Fortnite community complained of its implementation. The matchmaking system is still available in Duos mode. The matchmaking system was supposed to put players against similarly skilled players to help them improve their skills.

It was also a move made by the developers to help stop pub stomps from pro players. This is because new players had lesser chances of surviving making it harder for them to enjoy the game.

Return of skill-based matchmaking

A couple of days ago, FNBRLeaks, a famous Fortnite data miner, has announced that the skill-based matchmaking system was re-implemented in the Squads playlist.

The rumor spread confusion and anger from the gaming community. There is still no official statement from Epic Games but players agreed that the leak is true. Players also noticed that a huge number of system generated bots have appeared in squad lobbies after the skill-based matchmaking system was removed.

However, there is a great possibility that the developers are just experimenting with new ways to address certain issues. Popular Fortnite streamers and players such as SypherPK and Tfue stated that the matchmaking system plagues content creation because it made stream sniping simpler.

Pro players weren’t the only ones who were disappointed with the system. Casual players felt the typical pub games were becoming as difficult as the ones in Arena mode. The skill-based matchmaking was ruthless for new Fortnite players since they will be matched with pro players after winning a few matches.

Without any announcements from the game’s developers, it is still uncertain if the developers have re=implemented skill based matchmaking or just making a few adjustments to make the game more competitive.

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