‘Fortnite’ 14.30 patch: New weapon, game modes, and more

Fortnite latest update, featuring an early access to the Daredevil outfit

Epic Games is having a downtime with Fortnite in preparation for the rollout of the game’s next update—version 14.30.

Once implemented, it will add in a Combat Shotgun, additional gameplay modes in the form of new Rally Royale and Marvel Knockout Super Series, and a slew of other surprises that players will surely love.

Powerful weapon

First on the list is the Combat Shotgun. Essentially a better replacement to the existing Tactical Shotgun, this new weapon packs more punch and shoots at a faster rate. Many who have a penchant for either a Charge Shotgun or Double Barrel will easily make the switch to the Combat Shutdown for its superior parameters.

Limited-time modes

Adding a bit of twist to the mostly shooting game, a new Rally Royale mode is set to take center stage after the update rolls. In this mode, tickets play an important role in that they must be gathered to unlock the finish line. More importantly, the goal is to reach the end of the line before the opposition does. No-one, aside from the development team, knows exactly the full mechanics of this new feature. But it definitely sounds interesting, to say the least.

As exciting as the latest Rally Royale sounds, it will not be immediately available once the servers resume operation. Players would have to wait for a little longer (later in the week) for the mode to become accessible.

Equally as thrilling yet mysterious is also another game mode in the form of Marvel Knockout Super Series. Set to kickstart on October 14, there’s not much information about this mode’s play style. But judging from the label, it seems that this game mode revolves around superpowers and the interesting aspects that come with them.

Players ought to be twice as excited with the launch of Marvel Knockout Super Series, however, as there are tournaments that will take place around it. Four tournaments are about to take place overall.


Winners of the said event will receive a special prize, which is the Daredevil Outfit. Meaning that winners of the event will have temporary exclusive access to the skin before it arrives in the Item Shop.

In addition to getting another Marvel outfit, players who would participate in the tournaments will also win a Nexus War glider.

But there are more contents to find in the latest Fortnite update, which includes more cosmetics and the highly-awaited week 8 challenge.

Image used courtesy of Tabor Hill/YouTube Screenshot

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