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‘Fortnite’ (Android) sees Galaxy Cup comeback following newest collab between Epic, Samsung


The Galaxy Cup is back once again as Epic Games and Samsung collaborate anew for the Android version of Fortnite.

Dubbed the Galaxy Cup 2.0, Fortnite is re-launching a previously held event, made exclusively for the Android version. As is true with the game’s other tournaments, winning the event gives players a chance to get unique cosmetics. In particular, the Hands of the Galaxy Back Bling, Galaxy Grappler Outfit, and the Vortextual Wrap for each region’s top-performing players.

Launching Soon

To officially take place on August 29, 2021, the Galaxy Cup 2.0 is available for Android players on their Fortnite-supported devices. Aside from owning a compatible platform, another basic requirement involves players having the 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled with their accounts.

As for the event itself, the Galaxy Cup 2.0 will be a solos tournament and as an Arsenal limited-time mode (LTM). This means that the competition will not play similarly in the traditional battle royale style. More specifically, it will be akin to Call of Duty’s, albeit in complete reverse. Meaning, each player will get to start with the strongest weapons at the start of the match and gradually shifting towards weaker arsenals. Overall, the tournament will take at least 3 hours to finish and will course participants across 25 intense matches.

The Goodies

Going through the contest might be easy enough for the committed players. However, the main goal is to actually be among the top in the ranking, based on accumulated scores and unique region. There are two prizes to win, but only the best among players can get both (three, technically, as there’s a bundle reward). Specifically, participants will have to strive to be in the following ranking to earn one or both rewards:

Vortextual Wrap

  • Europe: Top 22,500 winners
  • NA East: Top 10,500 winners
  • NA West: Top 4,000 winners
  • Brazil: Top 7,000 winners
  • Asia: Top 2,500 winners
  • Middle East: Top 2000 winners
  • Oceania: Top 1500 winners

Galaxy Grappler Outfit + Hands of the Galaxy Back Bling

  • Europe: Top 11,250 winners
  • NA East: Top 5,250 winners
  • NA West: Top 2,000 winners
  • Brazil: Top 3,500 winners
  • Asia: Top 1,250 winners
  • Middle East: Top 1000 winners
  • Oceania: Top 750 winners

Do note that the aforementioned rewards are also subject for appearance in the game’s Item Shop at a later date.

Alternatively, players who earn 20 points can claim the Llamalaxy Spray as a reward.

Scoring Mechanics

As for the scoring, the game rewards surviving contestants for every weapon shift a Victory Royale, which is equal to 7 points. Additional points can also be gotten for every elimination that the Fortnite player makes. Lastly, merely participating in a match gives a player point in his overall score.

Image used courtesy of Epic Games

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