‘Fortnite’ can now run at 120fps gaming mode on Xbox and PS5

Fortnite has commemorated a massive decision. Now, Fortnite will run on 120 frames per second. The feature will be available on both the gaming console platform, namely, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Previously, Fortnite was in highlight because of its next-gen features. The next-gen features associated with this game are 4K at 60fps and dynamic visuals.

Both the features are just out of a massive list. Looking at the game’s demand in the market, the company Epic is updating Fortnite’s features.

What changes can be expected in “Fortnite”?

With the new advancement, Fortnite will take even more advantage of the hardware. This free battle royale game is already in the news for its monumental success in the gaming domain.

Gamers can update the 120fps mode in the settings bar. But with this update, some extra caveats are also available.

Caveats come with every gaming mode at any gaming console platform. If players turn on the 120fps mode, the console will itself change the resolution to 1440p.

The moment players switch 120fps mode, the hardware itself transfers the resolution. The usual resolution is 4K mode. But it switches to 1440p if 120fps is turned on.

Along with this, some more features will also reduce. Shadows, post-processing, and streaming distances are some of them.

Even for this, Xbox Series S is less efficient than the other two.

In Series S, the resolution itself changes to 1080p. With this, there is a curtail in the graphical features as well, like shadows. In Series X and PS5, players won’t require to disable volumetric clouds.

But in the case of Xbox Series S, some players require disabling the volumetric clouds in switching to 120fps mode.

On switching off 120fps mode in Xbox Series S, the resolution will automatically shift from 1080p to 1200p.

Ready to experience 120fps mode

By looking at the success of Fortnite, Epic decided to update it very well. The plan of making it work on every old and new PC was something challenging.

But now, as the 120fps mode has started unveiling, the plan of making it work on old PCs will reduce. As the older PCs are not compatible in providing 120fps, this will prove as a hurdle.

The gamers are curious to see how things will unfold by the commencement of 120fps mode. Epic also said that 120fps would be available only on hardware with a 120Hz display.

120Hz display is mostly found in new TV or monitors, making it quite hard for old gamers to play throughout.


Image courtesy of Fortnite/YouTube Screenshot

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