‘Fortnite’ cars are coming as a time-limited event for Season 3

Fortnite cars were first teased in the Season 3 trailer. Now, an unknown Epic Games employee has revealed when cars will debut in the game.

Fortnite battle royale leaks are always interesting. Especially now that Season 3 has just started, new content is abundant such as the recent Fortnite cars leak.

Leaks provide information to fans on what could be expected on future updates. These leaks are usually being discovered through developer mistakes or being datamined by hackers.

However, this time, the Fortnite cars leak is said to originate straight from an Epic Games staff. Whether the leak is real or not, it seems pretty difficult to ignore.

Most of the leaks were about the vehicles that have already been included in the game. Currently, the Fortnite cars are not yet functional, but the leak implies that they will be usable soon.

The leak also includes a specific release date for an exclusive time-limited mode where players can drive the cars around the map. It also details another new game mode, which will be added further into the season.

New car mode

Thanks to YouTuber Happy Power, players got an informative video about the leaks.

According to the video, every game will feature 1 to 10 drivable cars, which will be randomly spawned in the battle royale lobby. However, take note that the developers can change the count any time before its release.

The game files came with a description of Chrome “Race” LTM as Fortnite’s new game mode. It details that players can destroy each other’s cars and “win the race in any way” method makes fans hyped about this new mode.

Looking at the nature of the leak, it seems like the developers have been preparing for this for a long time now. This is great news since everyone can’t wait to play this one now.

Cars coming this month

The leaks also revealed that the Fortnite cars would be rolling out on July 21st. Players also learned about the details for the fuel icon animation, which will be utilized when filling the cars up.

The waters are now being reduced gradually, and the game will again have a new map. This could mean that Epic is preparing the game to cater cars for an upcoming event.

Firemonkey also revealed the type of Fortnite cars coming to the game. The types of cars coming are Sports Car, Taxi Cab, Police Car, Big Rig, Basic Truck, and Basic Car.

Featured image courtesy of Clarity Woody/YouTube Screenshot

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