‘Fortnite’ crosses over with Marvel again for a permanent Thanos skin


Marvel’s Thanos is back into Fortnite once again. This time, in the form of a rare costume.

The popular Battle Royale shooter is teaming up with Marvel again to bring an iconic comic figure back into it. More indefinite in this iteration as players can now don a look that bears exact semblance to the Mad Titan.

A Force to Reckon With

Thanos once graced (or otherwise) Fortnite’s map back in 2018 when a tie-up with Marvel took place. That is, to coincide with Avengers: Infinity War’s growing popularity at the time. The event itself dubbed Infinity War brings the main villain as sort of a wild card in the battlefield. In this instance, not everyone gets to become Thanos. But those who do, wields a power that could, at the best-case scenario, wipe out half of the players in the match.

To become the Mad Titan in that occasion is to come across his legendary gauntlet whose appearance is completely random. But this fortunate encounter, however, is not meant to last indefinitely. It is only as valid as the match happens. This suggests that, throughout the entirety of the event, only a few had the privilege of the experience.

Permanent Aesthetics

Bringing the Marvel anti-hero to permanence, players who’d prove themselves at the top of the game can earn Thanos’ skin for free. More specifically, anyone who ranks at the highest during the Thanos Cup reaps his presence as a reward. That is, also in addition to other freebies that sweeten the victory even more.

But the real highlight of having access to skin early ahead of everyone else is the sheer potency that comes with the skin. His previous iteration gave anyone who takes his form to become almost invincible in the field. But his comeback made him vastly more potent and one that literally eradicates half of the players in any match with a single emote. Or so it seems.

But is it real?

Fortnite YouTuber Lachlan demonstrated how exactly that works. True to its depiction in the film, Thanos can seem to kill others en masse with just a single snap of a finger. Or is it but merely a tribute to the idea?

While convincing to say the least, many commented that what had been portrayed is merely a well-elaborated hoax. This notion draws from the belief that the YouTuber in question is in a custom match. That and that having such capability in-game would cause it to become way out of balance. Possibly, coming with a potential backlash of those subject to its “mercy”.

Real or not, it is but just a limited privileged experience, however. Like previous skins of its kind, the exclusivity is only temporary and will soon pave way for other users to procure. In the case of this latest Fortnite event, it will become available for others to buy beginning June 27, 2021.

Image used courtesy of Lachlan/YouTube Screenshot

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