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‘Fortnite’ fan initiates petition to bring back chapter 1 skins


A long-time Fortnite fan established a petition in hopes of bringing back the game’s original skins from chapter 1.

Fortnite enthusiast Mason Carr recently started a petition on calling for the return of his beloved game’s chapter 1 skins.

The hit third-person shooter/sandbox hybrid has gone through a ton of changes throughout the years, including the revamping of default character skins at the beginning of chapter 2.

Newer is not always better

Carr mentioned in the petition’s description that, while he enjoyed the look of the new default skins, many Fortnite players prefer the original ones better and would like to see them make their way back into the game.

He further clarified that he wasn’t asking developer Epic Games to replace the newer skins with the old ones, but would rather like the game to make the original default skins available for purchase via the in-game store.

The Fortnite fan even suggested that the skins could have different styles to choose from. For like-minded gamers who also miss the old skins and want to see them return, check out the petition here.

The long-awaited third season

Last month, Epic Games announced that the highly-anticipated third season of Fortnite’s second chapter would be delayed. Season 2 was meant to come to a close on April 30, with the next season beginning immediately after.

On the plus side, Epic added some new content to the extended second season to tide players over while they wait for the season’s end on June 4, 2020.

Despite the developers not explicitly announcing its launch date, fans can expect season 3 to kick off right around the time the second one concludes.

Fortnite is going next-gen

Epic Games recently revealed via a blog post that their beloved shooter would be taking the leap to next-generation consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X as part of their respective launch lineups.

While the developers weren’t able to provide specifics, gamers can expect better performance and graphics on account of the beefier hardware.

Epic did mention that Fortnite would still use Unreal Engine 4 at launch, but would later migrate to Unreal Engine 5 halfway through 2021. The Unreal Engine 5 developer toolkit was announced alongside the game’s next-gen news.

Long-time players can rest assured knowing account progression will carry over across platforms and console generations.

Gamers who aren’t looking to upgrade their consoles anytime soon will be happy to hear that the developers plan to continue supporting Fortnite on existing platforms even after the next-gen consoles’ release.

Image courtesy of Fortnite/Facebook

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