‘Fortnite’ fans are enraged as The Device event server crashed


Players queuing for another anticipated Fortnite event were left disappointed because servers were full in minutes after it started.

The Fortnite season-ender event, The Device, registered another record breaker as viewers watched the event. Despite the event getting delayed thrice because of the protests in the US, Fortnite’s The Device still became very successful.

Doomsday is here

As the Doomsday Clock reached midnight, The Device rained down bombs across the island which submerged it underwater. This was the result of the unanticipated consequences of Midas trying to stop the storm.

The part of the island submerged in the water might confirm rumors that Aquaman will be Fortnite’s next guess for the new season. In addition, Aquaman movie star Jason Momoa’s latest Instagram upload added fuel to these rumors.

Server crash

However, the servers for the live event, unfortunately, crashed as they were in full capacity in just thirty minutes right before the show began.

Over 12 million gamers logged online to watch the in-game live event. This is only 300,000 short of the record-breaking Travis Scott Fortnite in-game concert.

Because of the server crash, other players were enraged because they can’t log in to the game even if they were just in time for the event. They were left with no choice but to watch it on Twitch which resulted in the whopping amount of viewers on the website.

It was not just the Fortnite players who didn’t have the chance to watch The Device inside the game. Fortnite’s creative director, Donald Mustard, had to watch it on another platform too.

Fortnite’s official twitter account posted about the unfortunate event. The tweet promised that the developers will guarantee that the servers will have a better capacity to cater to each fan during the next in-game event.

For die-hard Fortnite fans that waited weeks for the event, the announcement was really frustrating. Other fans reported that they had to watch streamers on YouTube and Twitch to see what was happening to the game. YouTube gained over 6 million viewers watching Fortnite’s season-ender.

Another successful event

The Device event gathered at least 2.3 million viewers on Twitch across different streaming channels. The record broke League of Legends’ 1.7 million concurrent viewers during last year’s World Championships.

Epic Games’ season-ender events for Fortnite are known to be amazingly well-organized. According to the players who were able to log in to the game, The Device event did not disappoint.

Featured image courtesy of Yung Chip/Youtube Screenshot

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