‘Fortnite’ fans outraged by 4-year ban of a 9-year-old player

A 9-year-old Fortnite player was banned from the game for being too young. Fans show their outrage as #FreeZenon trends on Twitter.

Fortnite is one of the most famous games shooting games today. Both Epic Games and players alike benefit from its bountiful opportunities.

However, most of Fortnite’s player pool consists of youngsters who haven’t even reached 13 yet. This is the reason why the game’s developers have enforced stricter rules to prevent them from joining tournaments with cash prizes.

Also, even if tournaments don’t involve cash prizes, players under the age of 13 will still need authorization from their parents to play Fortnite, which brings us to the present situation.

Zenon is banned

Zenon, a 9-year old player, and streamer, has found out that his account was banned for 1460 days or, if added, would total to four years. This means he can only play the game again when he turns 13.

Zenon acquired the ban because of joining in several Arena matches – a Fortnite competitive mode but has no cash prize. The kid was playing beside his father during a live stream when he received the unfortunate news. The kid broke down in tears after he realized he couldn’t play anymore.

Even if he had the permission of his father to play, once the developers spot a breach in their Terms and Agreements, they will take immediate action.

#FreeZenon trends

After the kid announced his ban, #FreeZenon has become a trending topic on Twitter. It was started by Zenon’s fans who were devastated to see the dreams of the kid crushed right in front of him.

Over 100,000 fans tweeted the hashtag, including some of the most famous icons in the Fortnite community. FaZe Banks asked the developers just to let the kid do what he loves. Ninja and Tfue also talked about the controversial ban on their Fortnite streams.

Controversial bans

Epic Games have given out controversial bans in the past. One of which is the ban involving Jarvis Khattri. He got banned for using an aimbot while playing the game, which he released in a Youtube video. The developers gave him a lifetime ban, which split the gaming community.

Some felt that the developers should give him another chance while others agreed with the decision.

In another similar scene, pro player H1ghsky signed with a professional league before he was thirteen. When the developers received news that he was only twelve, they had to ban him due to breach of contract.

However, the young pro player has already joined in various tournaments in the past but never received any punishment. Fortnite’s developers showing a lack of consistency has always been an issue every time they confer on disciplinary actions.

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