‘Fortnite’ gets version 14.20 patch: Here are the changes

Fortnite latest update video snapshot

A new update in the form of version 14.20 drops to Fortnite today. This means that the game is getting modifications that change the game for the better. In this particular update, we see implementations of the game’s delayed birthday celebration, the presence of a Marvel boss, and a new LTM to experience and enjoy.

Epic Games is not necessarily leaving any changelog to indicate all these. It has not been for a while now. But available information is already solid in backing up the claims.

Delayed Birthday Celebration

First off is a change that was supposedly rolled out in July, but surprisingly did not. In particular, it pertains to a celebratory event over Fortnite’s third birthday. An event that saw delay due to Epic Games’ recent and still ongoing legal debacle with Apple.

Although some players may have suspected that the occasion is already canceled, it isn’t necessarily the case. It still has not officially rolled out yet. But players can expect the event to be a memorable one.

Not only will the game be finally revealing thematic items pertaining to the celebration, it will also release birthday-related challenges. It is uncertain still what form will these challenges take. But anyone can expect this to happen over the weekend, which is not too far off now. Regardless, it has got to give lots of EXPs—making their undertaking worth every player’s while.

Weapon X

Fortnite’s latest chapter and season is all about the entry of the Marvel universe in the game. As the fun involving these superheroes—and supervillains—is still not through, exciting surprises remain ongoing. In this latest update, it involves the presence of a Wolverine boss in the persona of “Weapon X”. Who is Logan himself as a subject of a certain governmental experiment.

Weapon X will become available at the Weeping Woods. Anyone who manages to defeat this mutant will receive some fancy Wolverine Claws.

While still a speculation, the internet is buzzing in the idea that Blade might be seeing his debut eventually. Which, to most Marvel comics fans, would recall had a rivalry with Wolverine himself.

Korean Wave

The fun does not just end there, however. Making for another exciting part of the update is a music event that will see the Korean sensation, BTS, performing their latest single live. It will all take place at the Party Royale island at 8 PM on Friday, September 25, 2020. To those who would miss it, a repeat performance will take place on 8 AM the day after.


Lastly, Fortnite is kicking off a new limited-time mode called “Takeover”. In this mode, opposing teams are tasked to search and occupy outposts. All while at the same time safeguarding them and preventing the opponent from accomplishing a similar feat. Players will randomly possess a certain superpower with every round. But they will have the chance to add to their loadout by finding fallen comets.

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