‘Fortnite’ glitch lets players build customized exploding drone

A new Fortnite glitch allows players to create a bizarre customized drone made from C4 and proximity mines.

Since the game was released in 2018, innovative players have been weirdly discovering new unique methods. It would give them the advantage inside the battlefield, even if it is exploiting a Fortnite glitch.

Some players have driven the popular battle royale game to its limits by discovering game-breaking glitches, including a recent building exploit. Epic Games immediately addressed and removed the building exploit.

New exploit

The latest exploit was revealed by Reddit user u/SlushyGuy a few days ago. He released a video of his Fortnite character combining two of the game’s most explosive items to make a customized drone.

Currently, there are no drones or any controllable flying objects in Fortnite. However, the player showed that players can still have kill potential at long rage just by using a C4 and a proximity mine.

The Fortnite glitch lets players fuse two explosive items, which cause a bug that lets them float in the air. The glitch creates a bizarre uncontrollable drone that is ready to be detonated at any time.

How to make the drone glitch

While there are dozens of game-breaking glitches in the game, this one seems harmless since it doesn’t give players any significant advantage over enemies.

Here is a step by step tutorial in making the explosive drone:

    1. Look around for proximity mines and C4 bombs. These items are commonly found inside boss vaults, including The Rig, The Agency, Grotto, and Shark.
    2. Find a safe place where enemies rarely visit since setting the glitch may take a while.
    3. Construct a wall
    4. Switch to C4 and place it in the middle of the wall
    5. Switch to a proximity mine
    6. Place the mine on the top of the wall. Make sure that it is directly above the C4
    7. Edit the wall and leave only the bottom pieces
    8. As the mine falls on the C4, delete the remaining pieces of wall

Here is a video of what it should look like:

How to make a drone from FortNiteBR

Unfortunately, the customized drone can’t be controlled and will act on its own. As a result, it will be difficult to kill opponents during a game. It would take a lot of practice angling the drone, so it’s recommended to try the trick first in custom-made matches before trying the Fortnite glitch in ranked mode.

Featured image courtesy of JustVurb/Youtube Screenshot

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