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‘Fortnite’ guide: get up to 75K XP by destroying bushes, here’s how


Fortnite players previously were unable to complete this “seemingly easy” rare quest as it was bugged but that is no longer the case.

The Milestone Quest is a rare tiered quest on Fortnite that grants up to 75,000 XP. But at the beginning of the season, players were unable to complete the quest due it being bugged. However, since update 15.20, players can finally solve this bush infestation and get what is due.

Here’s how players can complete the Milestone Quest.

Completing the Milestone Quest on Fortnite

If you don’t want to go around the map destroying every plant you see, then it is important you know your targets pretty well. What exactly are bushes on Fortnite and which ones do you have to destroy?

As a guide, players should only target bushes that are half the size of their avatars (or smaller). Furthermore, players must actually be able to destroy these bushes with one swing from a harvesting tool.

The types of bush that players can destroy could range from ferns, hostas, cacti, and those with pink flowers.

Different tier levels of the quest

As this is a tiered quest, players would have to complete it in stages. Each stage comes with 15,000 worth of XP. And since there are five stages to the rare quest, players can earn up to 75,000 XP from this quest alone.

The tiers mainly consist of the numbers of shrubs that players destroy starting from 10 to 50 and then 100. For the last two tiers, players must destroy 250 and 500 shrubs. But since this is a continuous process, every stage starts with the number completed from the last.

Finding these shrubs

If not for the amount of shrubs players need to destroy, this quest isn’t all that difficult to complete. Not only that, the places where these shrubs are located aren’t even dangerous places to explore. All a player needs to do is grind a bit on the shrub-killing and then they’ll add 75,000 XP more into their battle pass.

Players searching for the shrubs can go to two main locations: Holly Hedges and Pleasant Park. Afterwards, it is all just a matter of exploring. The shrubs grow around residential areas such as houses, buildings, and even on the side of the road.

All players need to do is to destroy any shrub they can find in these locations without sparing anything. Doing this, they’ll soon rack up on their shrub count and eventually complete the quest in no time.

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