‘Fortnite’ makes big changes to superhero suit after community outcry

Fortnite makes big changes to superhero suit after community outcry

Epic Games has made a massive change to the Boundless cosmetic set on Fortnite to protect the “competitive integrity of matches.”

There are many things that make Fortnite one of the biggest and most popular games out there. But aside from the battle and crafting side of the game, cosmetics also play an important role in keeping the game alive.

Epic Games recently removed one perk from the Boundless cosmetic set. This was after numerous players expressed their frustrations and complaints with the superhero costume.

Goodbye Black-Black and White-White color combinations on Fortnite

Fortnite has its own booming cosmetics industry. And while cosmetics are there to make players’ characters feel special, sometimes they do more harm than good.

The Boundless cosmetic set in the game is no doubt a favorite of countless of players. This is because there is an outfit there that comes with color customization features. Players are able to choose multiple color combinations to match their perception of what is ‘stylish.’ But there are two combinations that players will no longer get to see.

According to Epic Games, they had officially removed players’ ability to choose black-black and white-white combinations.

Compromising the game’s competitive integrity of matches

Epic Games didn’t really expand on their reasoning for removing these color combination options for players. According to them, the color combinations “could compromise the competitive integrity of matches.” However, it looks like they don’t really have that much explaining to do. This is because they already know the reason.

Black on black combination will cover the player entirely in black, even up to the face. So players using this combination can easily meld in the shadows or dark places to ambush their enemies. The same goes for white on white combination. But instead of dark places, fully-white superhero suit can easily be camouflaged in brighter spaces.

There aren’t really that many people who have problems with the white-white color combination. But Epic Games seems to have found fault in mono-coloring as a whole which is why they’re now removing it.

More than that, Epic also says that they are learning through the situation and working on ways to prevent similar situations from happening in the future.

A recourse for Boundless set owners

There are probably a number of people that would feel dissatisfied with Epic Games’ decision. This is especially true for players who bought the Boundless superhero suit for that very reason.

However, Epic Games’ has a recourse for these players. According to the company, that starting with update 15.3, Fortnite players that had bought the Boundless superhero set are eligible to refund their purchase. This offer will last until 30 days after the update.

Featured image courtesy of Epic Games

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