‘Fortnite’ Party Royale mode confirmed after leaks surface online

Following leaks that surfaced yesterday, Fortnite’s new mode is now live and available to play. Players, get ready to do some partying.

Fortnite fans, get your party pants on! Epic Games just released a new, no-killing mode for Fortnite, most calling it as “Party Royale”.

The mode takes away the two main features of the game, buildings and weapons. The new mode features a new and smaller map where every player can bond and spend a few party moments.

Party mode on

In the previous years, games like Assassin’s Creed have been exploring with “safe mode” options which allows players to explore the game map at their leisure. MMORPGS have also introduced combat free arenas for players who want to practice their social skills with new friends.

However, Fortnite is the only online shooting game to test this kind of party mode which removed shooting from being a major part of the game. While some players have tried to play these games in “pacifist mode” in the previous years, those players have been regarded as eccentrics rather than an audience worth gratifying.

Leakers spoil the fun

Much of the discovery of the new mode has been credited to Lucas7yoshi, a famous data miner of Fortnite.

As he was looking on the game’s sophisticated coding, he found a photo of a map named Papaya which was connected to a future time-limited mode called Party Royale. Additional details from the leak the party mode won’t have any shooting involved and players can enjoy mini-games with other co-players coming in the future.

What’s in it

The mode is now live and there are a lot of new things to do in the island. Located at the center of a map is a city-like compound which is full of fast food restaurants.

From there, players can enjoy scenic views of beachfronts and cliffs. Here players can indulge in challenges that involve driving ATVs across challenging terrain and even driving a boat.

There are also vending machines scattered around the island where players can buy non-lethal items such as vehicles and paint guns. The mode also features interactive spaces such as soccer fields and allow players to change their outfit through phone booths.

Other features of the party mode include a mesmerizingly lit outdoor dance club with dance floors players can bounce off. To top things off, there is also a holographic movie theater on one corner of the map.

While the new Fortnite map is not the best place for solo players, it is a nice experience riding a boat without making any teammates getting angry at someone’s driving skills.

Featured image courtesy of iGamesNews/Website Screenshot

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