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‘Fortnite’ player discovers lethal weapon with Season 7’s UFO


With Fortnite Season 7’s alien invasion theme kicking in full gear, a player has uncovered a method that could dominate the field.

Aliens have now officially entered the world of Fortnite, which puts a new twist to the Battle Royale game. Strangeness may be nothing new to it. But there still remain some surprises with every new chapter and Season 7 is not any different. Particularly, with random abduction phenomenon that is now taking place, involving flying objects that are not fully known.

Weird Just Got Weirder

While this event may be uncontrollable most times, other times players will get the other hand against these flying machines. That is, by being able to shoot them down and gain control over the weird contraption. The feat is not always easy. But to those who do, it offers a chance at potential dominion over the battlefield.

One player has clearly demonstrated what that meant when he captured in a video the things he could do riding one. Flight and fast navigation across the trenches are but just few things about it. Another, and more importantly, is its offensive capability that, if employed properly, could dominate the field.

They added bowling to Fortnite from FortNiteBR

Nice Shot

As posted in Reddit, user Fazbear_Fighter showed how a UFO’s tractor beam can be applied to throw a large boulder at an enemy. The method may be simple enough from the outset, but there actually are some underlying challenges to it. One is the difficulty that comes with coming across an unknown flying vehicle and taking it down. Another is the very act of casting humongous objects against opponents, which offers plenty of room for misses. Despite the trial that comes with the process, it offers an exhilarating encounter that makes the game fresh and appealing.

That is not the only thing the weird flying object can do, however. It also has its own built-in weapon, the energy cannon, that players can also use when manning said vehicle. However, unlike using the tractor beam to squash opponents, the cannon is more effective against structures than humans. Which does still present an image of potency in the field, especially coming from the sky, that requires serious reckoning.

Officially having kickstarted last June 8, players will have until September 12, 2021 to enjoy Fortnite in its current season. That’s plenty of time for anyone to practice and learn how to reign supreme by mustering those bizarre technologies from the beyond.

Image used courtesy of Fortnite/YouTube Screenshot

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