‘Fortnite’ players’ Apple ID logins get ‘indefinite extension’


In a surprising turn of events, Apple puts an “indefinite extension” on Fortnite’s Apple ID logins. Even then, Epic encourages its users to prepare for removal.

Epic and Apple are fighting over a lawsuit put forward by the Fortnite creator. In retaliation, Apple started removing the studio’s dev accounts and privileges with Apple. Chief among these privileges removed is the Apple ID logins for their title.

So far, Apple set an indefinite suspension for the removal. As nobody knows when Apple will change its mind, Epic is reminding its players regardless.

Apple vs Epic court drama is becoming out of control

The Apple vs. Epic debacle is broiling more and more. Fans of the game are getting all the downsides of the crossfire right now. With each company doubling down on each other, there’s no telling when Fortnite will come back to iOS.

Apple initially removed Fortnite from the App Store. This move came as a response to Epic’s attempt to offer V-Bucks in-game without side Apple’s payment options. Epic fired back with a full-scale lawsuit, citing against Apple’s “monopolistic practices.”

In a game of corporate one-upmanship, both companies have traded barbs with each other. Apple removed Epic’s dev accounts and even tried to disable access to Unreal in iOS.

Epic filed a TRO in return, with them partially winning. While the Unreal Engine stayed, the company was unable to get Fortnite back on the platform. Epic Games filed another injunction, asking the courts to reinstate Fortnite on iOS forcibly.

So far, Apple filed a countersuit to prevent this from happening. They’re also charging for damages together with a push towards removing Epic’s Apple ID privilege. Such a move has Apple scrambling for their players.

Potential loss of Fortnite Apple IDs can be a problem

The removal of Apple ID logins for Fortnite players will be problematic. With more than 116 million registered iOS users, players losing their ID will be a widescale issue. Epic is informing its players on how to remedy the situation.

Apple has put the removal on hold so far, which gives players more time to register their emails. There is no exact date when Apple will do the removal, which plays its part in their psychological warfare against Epic.

Players losing their login credentials will take a lot of work. Without these, they will likely have no access to their player accounts. Each player account that goes unrecovered will become lost revenue for Fortnite.

For players affected by the removal of Apple ID logins, Epic has a page that details what fans can do. They also offer potential account retrieval, albeit manually, which takes time.

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