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‘Fortnite’ players could soon see a ‘Predator’ crossover event


Fortnite is currently promoting hunter-like characters such as those from The Mandalorian and God of War. Now, evidence suggests that a Predator crossover is coming soon.

After months of Marvel-filled events, it’s time for Fortnite to start anew. And unlike the fantastic superhero-filled Marvel crossover, the battle royale game could be seen entering a darker and more menacing phase.

When Fortnite meets Predator

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 is giving much attention to hunters. This all ties in with the ending of season 4 when Galactus opened a rift across dimensions. And now the game is gathering characters from different franchises and pop culture phenomena.

Players have seen the likes of Mando from The Mandalorian and even Kratos from God of War. While most can only speculate on other characters, such as Metroid’s Samus Aran, both in-game clues and leaked files suggest a Predator crossover is coming.

The evidence

Top5Gaming, a Fortnite-focused YouTube channel with over 4 million subscribers, had recently posted evidence of this Predator crossover found in the Stealthy Stronghold. So far, players have discovered three clues related to the Predator franchise.

The first one is a truck that is being used as a generator, similar to the 1987 film. The second is a crashed helicopter, and the last one is the actual logo of the franchise itself.

The game itself posted a few hints of the crossover on its official Twitter account, which Top5Gaming was quick to point out.

“Listen to the Jones’ tapes at 10 seconds. He conveniently says “Predators” and then you hear a roar that sounds identical to predators,” T5G says on their tweet’s caption.

Predator SFX

Twitter isn’t the only place where players would find evidence of this exciting new crossover. On Reddit, user DetectiveDomino has discovered what seems to be a sound effect related to the Predator. The sound effect is similar to the clicking noise of the iconic hunter. The game’s own Agent Jones also seems to allude to this in “Reality Log 1987.”

When will players get to see this crossover

There is no word as of yet as to when this crossover would actually happen. So far, the game has only hinted at it through subtexts and Hidden Easter eggs. Fans can hope to hear from Epic Games regarding the Fortnite and Predator crossover on The Game Awards. The awards show will occur this coming Thursday, and the company will reportedly make a Fortnite related announcement during the event.

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