‘Fortnite’ rarest skin, Recon Expert, returns in shop for limited time


Epic Games returned the Recon Expert, Fortnite’s rarest skin of all time, to the in-game store. However, it will only be for a limited time.

All free to play games have their own extremely rare character skins which only the best players have. In Fortnite’s case, it is the Recon Expert skin.

Yesterday, Epic Games decided to give players the chance to purchase the skin again.

Why is the skin rare

With a lot of awesome skins in running around Fortnite’s map, most players may be curious about what is so special about this basic-looking skin.

The skin features a simple white top, dog tags around the neck, gloves, and a relatively small hat. However, it is not the appearance of the skin that makes it so rare but the difficulty on how it can be obtained.

The skin was first released in October 2017, just a few weeks since the Fortnite’s battle royale was launched.

It was featured in the game for over a month but was removed just as the game was beginning to gain fame. Since the skin was only purchased by the original Fortnite players, it has gained the reputation of being a collector’s item.

Now, after over 900 days, Recon Expert reappears in the game.

While the new players are getting hyped on getting the skin, the longtime Fortnite players are saddened at the developers for taking away what made Recon Expert so special – its rarity.

Why is the skin back

Epic Games secretly added the Recon Expert skin back in the shop. The developers didn’t even post a tweet or a teaser to let fans know that the rare skin is coming back to the game.

The Recon Expert skin seems to like it is back to surprise players since most of the Fortnite community thought the skin was never going to be back for sale.

Fortnite’s in-game shop typically updates during the night. However, for unknown reasons, the skin was added in the game early morning yesterday.

How long will the skin be in the shop

There are still no official announcements on how long Recon Expert will be sold in the shop. However, it will most likely be gone on the next Fornite shop reset.

For fans who have wanted to own this skin, it is recommended to grab it as soon as possible. The Recon Expert skin currently costs 1,200 V-bucks.

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