‘Fortnite’ Season 3 could feature ‘Spongebob Squarepants’ crossover

After Fortnite’s season 3 icon was leaked, players believe that the game will include an underwater theme which will feature Spongebob Squarepants.

The PlayStation Store’s recent update revealed the Season 3 icon of Fortnite. The icon seems to resemble Bikini Bottom, the city where Spongebob and his friends live.

This is the reason fans are speculating that the game will announce a Spongebob crossover as the new season unfolds.

Leaks everywhere

This isn’t the first incident that Fortnite has been patched too early. These leaks have led to content being prematurely revealed before the new season has even started.

Epic Games have done a great job of hiding their projects for the new season. The only details revealed are water will flood most areas of the map and most of the battle will happen under the sea.

However, additional details were revealed by data miners which include swimming mechanics and the recent Fortnite Season 3 icon. The icon does not only confirm the flooded map but also a possible new crossover.

Successful crossovers

Fortnite became even more popular for its surprising crossovers. The developers are making two or more crossover promotions every season.

The past seasons featured one whole season crossover with Deadpool which lead to the launch of the X-Force skin sets. In addition, Fortnite also had a crossover promotion with Travis Scott where he launched his new song via the super successful Astronomical concert series.

Fortnite also had notable crossover events with Batman, Drake and Star Wars. Epic Games stated that its reason for having these crossovers is to unite all social media outlets and make the Fornite the center of pop culture.

Spongebob crossover

A Twitter user by the name of “ShiinaBR” leaked high definition photos of the possible Season 3 icon of Fortnite.

The photo remarkably details Fortnite’s iconic battle bus floating over beautiful ocean scenery. On the right side of the bus is an island with three palm trees.

This island bears a very strange similarity to the iconic Spongebob island featured in the TV show’s opening montage. While fans and players can only wonder what Fortnite Season 3 will bring, this new leak could be teasing a new and exciting crossover.

While the past crossovers have featured human characters, Spongebob and his friends wouldn’t be too left out in the Fortnite world. The crossover could serve as a promotion for the Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated movie coming this June.

Featured image courtesy of Bro animations/Youtube Screenshots

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