‘Fortnite’ Season 3: Here’s when the new season will actually start

'Fortnite' Season 3: Here's when the new season will actually start

Epic Games delays Fortnite Chapter two, season three, for the nth time, but the season extension gives players more time to accomplish any unfinished business.

Players eagerly awaiting  Fortnite season 3 are in for quite the disappointment. Epic Games has recently confirmed that they would be extending the current season marking another change in the company’s plan.

Not the first time

While disappointing, Epic Games’ announcement doesn’t really come as a surprise. This isn’t the first time the company has extended a season.

It should be remembered that Epic had also delayed the launch of Fortnite chapter two, season two. The current season was originally planned for a December launch. However, Epic moved the launch by a few weeks to February.

However, the company made no mention as to why they would extending the current season. The current situation with the coronavirus could be one plausible reason for the extension.

Many games had announced a delay in updates and releases due to the development challenges posed by the pandemic. Remote working has put a strain on companies like Bethesda and Square Enix in finishing their projects.

But Epic has neither confirmed nor denied they are experiencing difficulties due to the pandemic.

When will the next season arrive?

Originally planned for April 30, Epic Games has pushed the Fortnite season 3 release on June 4, 2020. This gives players more time to enjoy the current season and wrap up unfinished business.

What to expect: underwater maps, sharks and DC Comics

While there are still a few weeks before the new season, a few details have surfaced that would surely excite the players. A YouTuber by the username Tabor Hill just recently posted a video detailing new features that season three would bring.

According to Tabor Hill, via an inside scoop, the central theme for season three is water. Some game maps would feature at least a few underwater sections. While Tabor Hill didn’t really go into any specific details, he did mention that there would be a new shark mount for players to ride on.

Several new skins will also be featured, particularly a Black Knight female variant skin as well as new skins for Teknique and Dark Vanguard.

Players expecting new Marvel skins would be disappointed to know that season three would feature DC characters instead. Going with the water concept, there will likely be a new Aquaman skin.

Loads of content for the current season

The extension of the current season had brought big benefits to players. Just recently, Epic Games had partnered with rapper Travis Scott for a virtual concert held within the game itself.

Dubbed as the “Astronomical” event, Fortnite players were treated with a 10-minute performance by a virtual version of Travis Scott consisting of some of his biggest hits. During the event, players were taken to different game maps, including one that is underwater.

The event was so successful that it brought in around 12 million players setting a new record for most players in a game.

Epic is still dropping new content for players to enjoy while they wait for Fortnite season 3.


Images courtesy of steamXO/Flickr

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