‘Fortnite’ Season 3 updates: Every single leak so far

Fortnite players have been on edge this past couple of weeks because of the many teases and several delays of the upcoming third season of the game. With so many features and content coming down the pipeline, we can’t blame fans for being excited about Fortnite Season 3.

The start of Fortnite Season 3 was initially scheduled last month, but it was moved to the first week of June. However, the start of the new season was once again delayed, and it’s now set on June 15. The end of the current season will be initiated with an event called The Device.

So far, players have been kept out of the loop when it comes to what Epic has planned for the next season. Luckily for fans, there are some leakers and data miners that have uncovered what’s next.

Underwater content almost confirmed

The most recent discovery that a fan has made regarding the next season was found on the PlayStation Store. One player discovered that the logo for the game. In the new logo, the now famous bus from the game is depicted underwater. Since this is a leak, the official logo on the PlayStation Store hasn’t been changed yet.

Aside from this, the previous leaks for the next season were posters that further teased underwater content for the game. It shouldn’t be surprising that the Fortnite Season 3 will be all about marine content as the game did implement better swimming mechanics along with the introduction of the game’s second chapter.

Once the new season arrives, players should not only expect new map elements. They should also expect an all-new battle pass that comes with new weapons skins and character skins that are going to be based on the theme of the next season as well.

Epic Games explains the current situation

In a recent post, the developer says that The Device event will be on June 15. Season 3 will be starting on June 17. As with most companies in the gaming industry, Epic Games is taking a stand against the injustices against the black community. They want all of the focus to be on the fight for equality, for now; hence they are pushing back their upcoming content.

Fortnite Season 3 is set to be another big change coming to the popular battle royale. As usual, Epic Games is pretty silent about what’s to come, but a part of the excitement is when players start to uncover the latest content through teases in the game.


Image used courtesy of Fortnite/YouTube

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