‘Fortnite’ Season 3 Week 2 challenges revealed, more challenges underway


The Fortnite Week 2 challenges are, now, available for Chapter 2, Season 3. Players must complete these tasks to rank up their battle passes.

Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 3 has finally been launched last June 17th, following a couple of delays. Along with it comes the Week 2 challenges to rank up the new battles pass.

The recent update plunged the map underwater which resulted in a lot of changes in the game. One of the changes includes ranking the battle pass via weekly challenges.

Players will need to complete a set of challenges and to receive bountiful XP rewards for their battle pass. The Week 2 challenges went live yesterday and luckily, they are all easy to finish.

For the whole of Season 3, Epic Games are launching 7 challenges each week. Each challenge gives 35,000 XP to any player who completes one, with a total of 245,000 XP on offer each week

Fortunately, the challenges for this month have been data-mined before their release. This means players will have ample time to prepare for the challenges and complete them quickly as soon as they are released in-game.

The tasks are easy and simple. Most of the challenges involve visiting a certain location and finishing a straightforward mission. For an average player, each challenge should only take a couple of games to accomplish.

Week 2 challenges

Here’s a quick breakdown for this week’s challenges:

Use 8 different Ziplines at The Authority

The Authority can be located in the center of the map where The Agency used to be. There are two Ziplines on each corner of the building.

One leads to the top of a wall from the inside while the other links to a nearby island. This means players would need to traverse all of the eight various Ziplines located here.

Expect a lot of enemies here and try to keep track of the Ziplines which are already used.

Search 7 Chests or Ammo Boxes at Holly Hedges

Holly Hedges has now been suppressed into a small island on the west of the map. The area still contains a few buildings so finding chests or ammo boxes shouldn’t be a problem.

Find 3 Deadpool floaties at The Yacht

The recent update moved the Yacht into the middle of the northern edge of the map. The Deadpool floaties are scattered around this area.

Score a goal on the soccer pitch at Pleasant Park

The soccer pitch can now be located in the middle of Pleasant Park surrounded by houses. Players will need to go into the turf and find a ball.

After the ball has been located, run into it and try to make a goal.

Three eliminations at Lazy Lake

Players must head to the Lazy Lake town and look for enemies to kill. Players who are struggling to finish this task can play in Team Rumble mode to make eliminations a lot easier.

Headshot 20 Henchmen at The Fortilla

The Fortilla is a new location found at the southwestern portion of the map. The area is being patrolled by numerous henchmen which players need to kill.

However, the goal is to kill them via headshots so players must aim high to get the kill.

Gather or Consume 5 Foraged Items at The Orchard

Players must find their way to The Orchard situated north of the Frenzy Farm. Here, players can find a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Eat at least five of these items to complete one of the Week 2 challenges.

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