‘Fortnite’ Season 3 Week 3 Challenges revealed with tips on how to finish it

fortnite week 3 challenges

Fortnite’s Week 3 challenges consist of a total of 8 unique tasks that grant 35000 XP each. Here are some tips on how to finish the challenges.

Each week, Fortnite introduces a new set of challenges. The new week 3 challenges give players tons of XP for unlocking freebies and new cosmetics from the battle pass. Most of the time, new Fortnite challenges are revealed every Thursday. However, this week is special since the weekly challenges are released alongside exciting superhero events.

Search Chests or Ammo Boxes at Misty Meadows (7)

Misty Meadows is known for its massive land area and numerous towering buildings. Thus, it shouldn’t be too hard to look for ammo boxes and chests in the area.

Eliminations at The Authority (3)

Players will need to fight against Henchmen and other players once inside the Authority. As usual, players who are having a tough time getting kills in the area should play Team Rumble mode and wait until the circle closes near the Authority.

Collect Floating Rings at Lazy Lake (4)

While most of the week 3 challenges are simple, this one has left players a little bit confused. To make things simpler here are the exact locations of the ring in Lazy Lake:

  • Floating Ring 1 – The ring is situated near the eastern side of the lake. Players can find the blue floating ring just beside a store.
  • Floating Ring 2 – After getting the first ring, move towards the west then go left at the end of the first building. Another floating ring is in the middle of the structure.
  • Floating Ring 3 – Players need to go south of the lake near the big shot shop to find the next ring. It is floating just beside the shop.
  • Floating Ring 4 – The last ring is located in the center of Lazy Lake.

Dance on top of the Crane at Rickety Rig

Rickety Rig is one of the new locations brought about by The Device event. It is located in the southwestern corner of the map. Once in the area, players must go to the biggest island in the south to find a crane.

Players must land on the crane or build their way into it then do an emote. Players can also use a whirlpool on the west of the island to launch themselves into the crane easily.

Deal damage from inside a cornfield at Frenzy Farm (100)

The cornfields surrounding the Frenzy Farm can provide enough cover to hide from enemies. Listen for incoming footsteps and shoot the passerby.

Destroy cars within 60s of landing at Retail Row from the Battle Bus (2)

There are countless cars scattered around Retail Row. Vehicles can be found in the parking area in the west and near the houses in the west.

Players must smash two cars as soon as they land to finish this challenge.

Land a Choppa at the bottom of Steamy Stacks

Typically, the updraft in Steamy Stacks can launch players back out of the area. However, if they are using a Fortnite helicopter, a player can safely land at the bottom of the cooling towers.

This week 3 challenge will require players to ride a Choppa. They can find one at The Yacht or the Frenzy Farm.

Featured image courtesy of Dexerto/YouTube Screenshot

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