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‘Fortnite’ season 4 week 3 challenge guide: Visit Panther’s Prowl


It has been a few weeks since the Nexus War has kickstarted in Fortnite. With it, essentially, is also a new challenge that sees players allocating a bit of their time doing simple tasks for a reward. The third week’s challenge is “Visit Panther’s Prowl,” which sees players seeking for a Black Panther sculpture somewhere in the map.

There is no need to scour Fortnite’s expansive map seeking for the statue. This guide will simplify the finding of the site and therefore make it easy for you to complete the task.

Where’s Panther’s Prowl?

Panther’s Prowl is an area situated in the E7 of the map, just west of Misty Meadows. Finding the place of interest should be relatively easy as it literally sticks out in the open space and not hidden at all. It is, in fact, atop a plateau that makes its presence even more obvious if you’re in the area. Especially so if you’re dropping off from the sky via the Battle Bus.

For trivia, it is also at the exact same spot where Fortnite players gathered in order to pay tribute to Chadwick Boseman. Who, to those in the know, is the man behind Marvel’s Panther who recently met his demise due to a disease.

Challenge Requirement

Like previous campaigns with Fortnite, getting access to the event requires you to have the latest Battle Pass. Experienced players would already know this by now, but may not be to those who are new.

With that secured, doing the challenge is as simple as visiting the said site while it is active. True to the sense of the word, you would only have to be at the site to do the quest, which might sound boring than having to be at the place with something to do in mind.

Do note that due to Panther’s Prowl’s elevation, getting to it from the land would require players to build a ramp. Unless you are lucky, then this might be something you would have to do personally. But the easiest is still to skydive your way into it. Just be wary of other players who might be doing the same thing as it will put you in a tough situation at the start of the match.

What is the reward?

For something as simple as having to check out a site first-hand, doing the “Visit Panther’s Prowl” is relatively rewarding. Doing so will give you 25,000 season XP off the bat, if completed. It is a noteworthy step to getting that wanted level raise in order to gain access to Marvel costumes with unique colorations.

Image used courtesy of GuildingLight/YouTube Screenshot

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