‘Fortnite’ Season 7 will revolve around an alien invasion theme

Fortnite Season 7 trailer snapshot

Fortnite’s up-and-coming season will gravitate towards the paranormal, involving beings from the outer space.

As Chapter 2 Season 6 is about to see its closure on June 7, Fortnite is entering another major landmark. While, throughout the game’s existence, similar events have come and go, some to their lackluster introductions, Season 7 is anything but simple.

With the current season already giving out signs, it would be amiss not to apprehend what’s in store. Recently, challenges have been pointing players towards Citizens band radios and telescopes across the game’s map. But while that may be ambiguous for some, what isn’t is a datamine that reveals hints over possible UFO appearances in-game.

That latter notion has only just recently surfaced when reports coming from players suggest of the paranormal event taking place. It’s more than just a case of something unknown hovering across the game’s map, however. The instances were actually far eerier as they involve players suddenly getting abducted and randomly warping places.

“They’re Coming”

Now, that alone is already strong evidence that the next season would likely play around the presence of beings from beyond. But there is now something to corroborate more to the idea with the recent leak of a video teasing for Season 7.

In a tweet by user @HYPEX, it shows a short clip featuring tell-tale sign of the upcoming season’s dominant theme. It also clearly states when it is coming. Particularly, on June 8, 2021, which is a day after Season 6 officially closes.

It is worth noting that a teaser for Season 7 has already made an appearance on social media. Which any TikTok user should attest to, considering that it is where it was spotted. However, it should not be mistaken to be the same as the 6-second clip shown on Twitter.

It’s Real

With the proliferation of fakeries on the internet, the tweet could not be taken absolutely for what it claims. But a closer look into Epic Games’ update website for Fortnite could see a similar depiction, albeit a still image. This should be strong enough as a reference regarding the authenticity of the short video tweet.

There are other interesting points to draw from the brief moving picture. Such as, for example, the re-appearance of the purple glyphs which are believed to be Kevin runes. However, both Fortnite’s official Twitter account and FNAssist had clarified that the two are dissimilar. But the latter of the two of which pointing out something interesting as relating the two for potentially sharing a similar power source.

Image used courtesy of Fortnite TamashaBera/YouTube Screenshot

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