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‘Fortnite’, ‘Super Smash Bros Ultimate’ DLC crossover may happen very soon


Fortnite may just be the next game to feature in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch as hinted by Epic Games creative director.

People were recently thrilled at the news that Minecraft will finally feature in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighting game. That is great news because people would finally see a crossover between the two biggest games in history. And now, a recent leak suggests that Fortnite could join that roster soon.

Zoom call with Fortnite director

Epic Games creative director Donald Mustard and Geoff Keighley of the Game Awards recently held a Zoom call with several Fortnite fans. Naturally, in these types of conferences, people are permitted to ask questions.

Epic Games had managed to keep their conversations under wraps for a while. But it didn’t take long before some of these conversations leaked online.

Because of these, fans can’t help but feel that Fortnite and Epic Games have something big to announce at The Game Awards this December.

Possible collaboration with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The popular battle royale game is no stranger to collaborating with other big-name franchises. Some of the most popular crossovers are ones with Marvel, Star Wars, DC, and even artists like Travis Scott, Marshmello, and BTS.

Because of this, fans are naturally curious as to what Epic Games has in store for Fortnite.

Now the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is also one of the biggest names in gaming today. Just this year, the game had managed to hit the 20 million sales mark. The game is also known for its crossover with other pop culture phenomenons.

In fact, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate had only recently revealed their collaboration with Minecraft. When they revealed that Steve from Minecraft will be featured on the crossover fighting game, many were both shocked and thrilled.

As Fortnite and SSBU are two of the biggest games today, many, of course, would be wondering if the two have plans for collaborating any time soon. During the Zoom call, fans were quick to ask this from Mustard.

Fanning the flames

When fans asked Mustard if Fortnite has any plans to join the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate universe, he neither confirmed nor denied. Instead, the creative director had said that he could not comment on the topic.

Fans quickly jumped on this believing that a crossover may happen soon. Twitter user FireMonkey, who is known for leaking Fortnite plans and details, also shared Epic’s supposed plans for the game. Among those, of course, is the highly-speculated collaboration with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

While people should still take this news with a grain of salt, it’s not entirely impossible for such a crossover to happen. More likely that if it does, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate could feature a popular Fortnite character. Nevertheless, fans can still expect big news when December 10 finally arrives.

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