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‘Fortnite’ update 14.10: Map changes, Iron Man and Thor powers


Fortnite had just introduced a new update to the game on top of the recent changes which sees the entry of Marvel Comics superheroes, villains, and its iconographies. Version 14.10 adds a major revamp to the Frenzy Farms, paving way for Stark Industries, as well as the addition of signature powers to both Iron Man and Thor.

Announced in a form of a tweet, the official Twitter account Fortnite News reveals what appears to be a region-specific change to the map. Particularly, in the area where the Frenzy Farms is located. Those who loved the original countryside look of Frenzy Farms ought not to take a look, considering the drastic changes. Which can, indeed, be heart-breaking to those who have the penchant for the rustic.

The Stark Industries

Spanning across multiple quadrants, the overhauled portion of the map is now the spot where Stark Industries is erected. Unfortunately, it is also set to be a battlefield for Galactus’ attack, involving his minions. Players can therefore expect the new map’s significance in the entirety of the event until the next season arrives.

The visual uplift to the fraction of the map is a massive change and, partly, explains why the update is also huge.

Making for another cool addition as part of the update, both the demi-god Thor and the iron armor-clad billionaire playboy Iron Man get their own signature moves. However, to use these skills would require players doing a little bit of a side quest. These small side quests will reward the player the right items in order to use the skill.

Mjolnir Strike

To get Thor’s Mjolnir Strike, it would be as simple as targeting a specific drone which contains the said skill. The drone in question typically revolves around the Quinjet Patrol Jets.

For a fantastic skill that sees you doing an AoE attack by invoking Mjolnir from the sky, getting it is pretty straightforward.

Repulsor Gauntlet

The next ability is one for Iron Man which literally makes use of his gauntlets for two reasons—whether to propel himself to a greater height upward or to shoot enemies with lasers. Getting the Repulsor Gauntlet, however, is not as simple as that of the Mjolnir Strike. This particular skill requires a bit of venturing into the Stark Industries and a challenging battle with the Iron Man himself.

As such, the first part of the trial is to survive your infiltration into the Stark Industries with the purpose of meeting Iron Man. Cutting long journey short, he should appear at the heart of the building. But don’t be overconfident as this superhero is not only tough but very strong as well. It pays to come fully buff if you’re thinking of taking him on solo.

Image used courtesy of Fortnite Cookies/YouTube Screenshot

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