‘Fortnite’ would be seeing more of Marvel in the coming years

Fortnite x Marvel crossover's Galactus

Fortnite’s opening of the Nexus War has brought with it a deluge of Marvel characters that was unprecedented even for a game that is known for collaborations with different franchises. But when it seems that the appearance of Marvel’s mutants, superheroes, and villains is about to come to a close, it is not.

Coming from the “This Week in Marvel” podcast, Fortnite boss, Donald Mustard, spoke about how there would be more of the game’s franchise in the coming years.

“The reason we called this season Nexus War is that this is just the start of lots of stuff we have planned for many years of Marvel integration.”

“This is not the end; this is the beginning. We thought a really good POV-style character which could set this up was Deadpool, kind of fourth-wall-breaking. And then Cap in July, building up to this moment…”

A Supervillain approaches

While open for interpretations, it’s likely that Mustard speaks of Marvel characters’ influx in light of the current season. Others interpret it as telling how Galactus will finally arrive in-game and bring the present season to its climactic closure. That is akin to the event players saw in 2018 involving the Zero Point black hole scene.

“We had this moment in Fortnite which happened around a year ago where… the Zero Point reorganized all the matter around the island and kind of created this new island.”

“That’s the moment that attracted Galactus. [He] felt this re-organizing of reality and was like ‘huh, there’s this energy source at the center of everything and if I can consume that, I can consume not just the Marvel reality but I can consume everything.'”

Years of “Fortnite” and Marvel crossover

To close the current season, however, would inevitably introduce a continuing season. At such time, this will see a shift in focus towards Galactus, who will then play the game’s contemporary supervillain. It is an interesting concept that could render Epic Games generating cool events until the villain’s conclusion in the game.

Marvel is a broad universe that is partially home to many supervillains equal or greater in power than Galactus. The end of this antagonist will, most likely, hardly signal the end for the crossover. Which, just by listening to Mustard speak, suggests that there’s already a rather lengthy narrative with Marvel in place that could see implementation across “many, many years.”

Image used courtesy of Marvel Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

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