Four terrorists from Pakistani Jaish killed in India


Four terrorists were killed in the Nagrota district in the strategic state of Jammu in India. The terrorist belonged to the Pakistani Islamist jihadist terror group Jaish-e- Mohammed. The incident took place on the early morning of 20 November Thursday.

An encounter took place between the security forces and the terrorist group near the Ban Toll Plaza near Nagoya. The said operation killed four terrorists. Experts think that it was an intelligence-based operation. Additionally, as per the security forces, the aim was blocking a major attack.

The objective of the attacks

The terrorists carried the Global Positioning System (GPS) devices and mobile phones to contact their higher-ups. Additionally, the Jaish-e-Mohammed was giving orders for the attack. The operational commanders were Mufti Rauf Asghar and Qari Zarar. Their objective was to wreak havoc in the valley.

Mufti Asghar is the younger brother of JeM chief and UN-designated global terrorist Masood Azhar.

PM’s reaction

India’s Prime Minister soon after have posted a tweet about the incident. Additionally, he shared about the “thwarted” destruction.

“Neutralizing of four terrorists belonging to Pakistan-based terrorist organizations JeM and the presence of large cache of explosives with them indicates that their efforts to wreak havoc and destruction have once again been thwarted,” he said.

He thanked the security forces who tackled the attack and fought bravely. Additionally, the alertness of the security forces brought out a sinful plot. The aim was to target the grassroots democratic exercise in Kashmir. He was referring to the panchayat elections which is happening in Kashmir.

Pakistan Angle

To target India, Pakistan is using the pan Islamist jihadist terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed. It plans on sending suicide attackers across the border. According to a report, Pakistan handed over the balakot terror training facility to the Jaish-e-Mohammed. This took place after the bombing of the place by the IAF jets.

Further Investigations

The investigations reveal that the terrorists were carrying weapons, ammunition, grenades, and explosives like RDX. The recovered bodies were found to have eleven AK-series rifles, 30 Chinese grenades, 16 AK ammunition clips, and 20 kilograms of RDX. Moreover, the terrorists were battle-trained as, despite repeated attempts of the J&K police to capture one of them alive, they refused to give in and fought till the end.

The Indian intelligence official said that the attack was an attempt to sabotage Kashmir’s electoral processes and shift the focus back on it.


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