Fourth stimulus check not ‘on the way’, remains unapproved

Fourth stimulus check not 'on the way', remains unapproved

Talks about the likelihood of a fourth stimulus check remain apparent. But, analysts and experts assert that it is not likely anytime soon.

Millions of Americans have already received three direct payments since the start of the pandemic. While the third round of checks continues to roll out these past few weeks, many individuals are already looking forward to receiving a fourth stimulus check.

Despite the calls and clamor for it, Congress has yet to approve. As for the White House, the administration has previously thrown back the ball to the lawmakers about the matter.

Accordingly, Americans continue to push for another round of stimulus payments. Analysts and experts believe, however, that a fourth check is not likely to happen, according to Insider.

Why a fourth stimulus check isn’t likely

The publication explained that the unlikelihood of the fourth stimulus check comes as the economy continues to recover. Some reports also noted that the vaccination rate persists to increase these days, minimizing the overall impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

In a recent interview, Roosevelt Institute’s Director of Macroeconomic Analysis stated that people are not seemingly “advocating for another check” at the moment. Mike Konczal pointed out that the “big fights” and discussions focus more on the legacy of the pandemic.

The same outlet, then, added that Congress has yet to pitch a plan about the matter. Moreover, congressional Democrats are reportedly “squarely” focusing on the U.S. President’s infrastructure plan.

Why a fourth stimulus check isn't likely

Petition is ongoing

Al News recently reported that a petition for the $2,000 stimulus payments has already passed more than 2.5 million signatures. This seemingly shows that many are still pushing for COVID-19 relief payments, like the fourth stimulus check. Therefore, this appears to be in contrast to Konczal’s assertions that the public is not advocating for them.

The publication, later on, noted that the petition on will become one of the “top signed” on the platform once it obtains 3 million signatures. The total number of individuals who have already signed it has now reportedly reached 2,505,547.

First Child Tax Credit payment

While the fourth round of stimulus payments is not “on the way” yet, more money is arriving soon, as per CNN. This comes as the first payment for the Child Tax Credit will start on July 15.

Reports said that eligible Americans will receive up to AU$333 or AU$399. This will vary depending on the income, as well as the dependent’s age.

So far, these are the most recent updates about the fourth stimulus check. Many individuals expect to receive more details and information about the matter in the coming weeks.

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