Fourth stimulus check ‘in jeopardy’, and remains unapproved


Congress has yet to approve the fourth stimulus check.

The Internal Revenue Service has yet to conclude the third round of COVID-19 relief payments. But, despite this, talks about the fourth stimulus check have already emerged.

As the discussions continue to surface, many are wondering whether it will push through. If it does, several individuals are also curious as to how much they would receive.

Reports clarified, though, that Congress has yet to approve the fourth round of relief payments. Yahoo! even said that it is “in jeopardy” because the funds now “dwindle.”

Why the fourth stimulus check is “in jeopardy”

The publication reported that the IRS released another 1.1 million payments last week. It is part of the government’s most recent relief bill amid the pandemic crisis.

Although the total amount of the recently disbursed payments is more than AU$2.55 billion, it is reportedly the smallest figure released. This is in account of the latest round of direct aid, which began on March 12.

The same outlet continued that the amount will “only going to get smaller” as time passes by. This is why it has become a “worrying prospect” among citizens, especially families who are struggling to make ends meet amid these trying times.

Will there be another round of COVID-19 relief payments

iTechPost said that the buzz surrounding the fourth stimulus check remains apparent. But, despite all the developing news and angles, it remains unclear whether there will be another round of relief payments.

USA Today also said that several members of Congress vocalized their support toward the stimulus payments. However, “neither chamber has approved” the fourth round of stimulus checks.

Moreover, the White House has “punted” the talks back to Congress. “We’ll see what members of Congress propose, but those are not free,” press secretary Jen Psaki said in a press briefing on May 4.

What to do while waiting

Yahoo!, later on, shared some tips for individuals who are looking for options. Although they are not permanent solutions, these ways may help people get a “breathing room” in terms of finance.

Refinancing a mortgage is helpful, especially to those who have not refinanced their loans in the last year. Reducing car insurance costs is another effective way, particularly these past few months as the lockdown and restrictions remain apparent.

These may not be for long-term purposes but, they can reportedly be very helpful while waiting for the potential fourth stimulus check.

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