Fourth stimulus check ‘unlikely’ to arrive, reports say

Fourth stimulus check 'unlikely' to arrive, reports say

Many individuals continue to wait for new updates about the fourth stimulus check, reportedly amounting to $2,000.

The Internal Revenue Service continues to disburse the third COVID-19 relief payments, amounting to over AU$1,800. While the distribution has yet to conclude, many are now wondering whether a fourth stimulus check will push through after.

Reports noted that the latest disbursement marks as the “ninth set” of payments since March. Nearly a million has been made, and about half of it was sent via direct deposit. CNBC also said that 460,000 “plus-up” payments made it, as well, in the latest roll-out of deposits and checks.

But, despite the continued provision of support, the talks about the fourth stimulus payment are increasingly becoming more apparent. As it happens, no one can obtain straight and direct answers about the matter.

Could there be a fourth stimulus check?

Forbes, however, recently released a report, discussing the fourth stimulus check. In answering whether there could be one in the next few weeks or months, it has claimed that the arrival of checks may be unlikely.

As explained, the number of vaccinated individuals continues to increase these past few weeks. Also, offices and other spaces are now starting to re-open.

The publication, then, pointed out that the restrictions are now starting to ease in the United States. This is why it “most likely means that there won’t be another check.”

Could there be a fourth stimulus check?

COVID-19 relief payments are a “successful support”

iTechPost said that all COVID-19 relief payments have become a “successful support” among Americans. They have managed to purchase “basic necessities” and pay rentals because of it.

Aside from the stimulus checks, eligible individuals have also received other financial support. These include their child tax credit, tax exemption, tax refund status, and unemployment benefits.

But, as the pandemic continues, and despite the improvements, it only makes total sense why citizens continue to wonder about the fourth stimulus check.

The situation in Congress and the White House

To date, Congress has yet to approve the proposed bill regarding the fourth COVID-19 relief payment. Also, the White House has yet to provide clear information about the matter.

The same publication mentioned, though, that they have never “denied the notions” of it. Nevertheless, previous reports emphasized that the administration has thrown the ball back to Congress, stating that they will “see what members of Congress propose.”

In the end, what Americans can do right now about the fourth stimulus check is to wait for official announcements.

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