Fourth stimulus check update: Is it still possible?

Fourth stimulus check update: Is it still possible?

The American public is still wondering whether a fourth stimulus check will follow.

Weeks have passed since the talks about the fourth stimulus check emerged. As the Internal Revenue Service continues to send out the third round of COVID-19 relief payments, the questions remain whether another check will arrive.

CBS Philly said that it is “still possible,” but it comes with reservations. As noted, there are several factors that come into play.

Updates on the fourth stimulus check

The publication said that the “economic recovery” is strong for some but weak for others. Despite the economic growth, as well as the other variables accounting for the said strength, “financial insecurity is still widespread.

In parallel with this dynamic, the relief payments are part of the entire effort to ease the economic impact of the pandemic. This is why many are “onboard with it, including, especially the pushing through of the fourth stimulus check.

However, there are no explicit details yet whether a fourth relief payment will happen. Congress has yet to approve the proposal, and the White House remains firm with its previous statement that “the ball is in Congress’ court.”

The unlikelihood of the fourth round of relief payments

As the talks about the fourth stimulus check remain apparent, several publications reported that the release of another round has become unlikely. The same outlet even noted that while the “voiced support” exists, this does not make it likely.

The reason being is that the rate of vaccinations continues to increase each day. As reported, 47.5 percent of the total population have already received at least one dose, and 37.3 percent have completed the second shot.

As this dynamic persists, the economy shows signs of recovery, as well. Moreover, “consumer confidence” has now reportedly reached its highest level since the start of the pandemic. With these things at hand, the fourth stimulus check appears to have started losing “much of its urgency.”

The unlikelihood of the fourth round of relief payments

About the POTUS’ ‘focus’

Yahoo! Finance released a similar report, as well, regarding the matter. As stated, the White House’s focus is not on providing “more stimmies.”

In a statement on Monday, U.S. President Joe Biden said that “help is here” because of the American Families Plan. He noted that Congress must pass it to ensure the working families’ confidence in this specific relief “for years to come.”

Accordingly, the publication asserted that the American leader’s focus is not on the fourth stimulus check.


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