Fox News drew 13.6 million viewers on US Election night

Fox News emerged as the number one channel in the Presidential Elections. It’s been revealed that it garnered 13.6 million viewers on the US Election night.

According to Variety, Fox News ruled the TV ratings during the US Election night. However, the overall viewership was down by 20% from 2016.

The report of Nielsen Measurements showed that this time 56.9 million viewers tuned in their TVs across 21 channels. In 2016, viewership of 71.4 million was recorded on just a dozen networks.

This year there were mainly four big TV broadcast networks, namely ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox. Major cable networks included Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN, and business networks were Fox Business and CNBC.

When taking the duration of 8-11 pm timing, Fox News registered the highest viewership of 13.6 million. CNN came second with 9 million, and MSNBC stood third with 7.3 million.

ABC dominated NCB with 6.1 million viewers, while the latter attracted a figure of 5.6 million. In the end, CBS and Fox registered scores of 4.3 million and 3.3 million, respectively.

US Election and wait for the big result

Current statistics are leaning towards both Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The reason for this is due to the shift of votes consistently on an hourly basis. Since November, third, the projections are mostly changing.

Initial figures on Wednesday showed that Trump was leading, but then Biden moved ahead. However, the margin is still very less based on the change in vote counting.

Interestingly, Republican candidate Donald Trump falsely claimed his ‘victory’ after winning in Florida on early Wednesday. He addressed his supporters at the White House and said that voting must be stopped. And that he will go to the US Supreme Court if the counting continues.

It was weird to see him assuming the win even before the results are officially out.

Meanwhile, the voters and the rest of the political experts worldwide are waiting for the big announcement. There’s no clear mention of a specified date of results. Everything depends on the total vote-counting whenever it finishes.

America to witness a new crisis?

A new fear is looming across the United States amid a pandemic as well as the Election phase. Because before the results, many public outlets are closed with wooden bars on glass doors. It’s done to avoid any threat of public violence after the official results are announced.

There’s a doubt in many minds that a situation of chaos will surely erupt. Supporters of both parties are preparing for celebrations already. And in case of one party’s loss, the social harmony might get disturbed. Protests and violent fights are already happening for the last few months. And if that continues, it won’t be good for the oldest democracy in the world.

Last month it was revealed in a survey that chaos would emerge no matter who becomes the president. Because in the survey, voters said they wouldn’t accept the victory of the opposition in the US Election.

Image courtesy of Anton Garin/Shutterstock

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