FPS game ‘Bright Memory’ will be on Series X at launch


Action FPS title Bright Memory is rushing to be ready for the Xbox Series X launch. One-man dev FYQD is looking to get it out soon, with the follow-up next year.

Solo dev FYQD announced on the Playism Game Show that he’s running after a launch day release. Bright Memory coming out at launch should add credence to the well-polished Chinese title.

The dev also confirmed that Bright Memory: Infinite will come to PC and Xbox Series X. He’s targeting a 2021 release date for his sequel title.

Bright is a surprising title out of nowhere

So far, Bright is one of those surprise titles that came out of nowhere this year. It came out March this year, which, like everyone knows, was the height of the pandemic. People didn’t know much about it until a couple of months ago.

FYQD released a trailer of Bright Memory: Infinite last August. It was downright impressive, which piqued player curiosity about the original title. The game was a surprise, to say the least.

For starters, people have supported the game since Early Access. It received overwhelming reviews at the time but somehow didn’t break mainstream. Over time, the game kept its quality and still had much to show.

By the time it came out as a full title, the game fleshed out nicely. The game’s combat is frantic and superb, combining Call of Duty FPS and Devil May Cry acrobatics. The first person melee-FPS hybrid is out of this world.

Bright will benefit from next-gen upgrades

Bright Memory could use a next-gen upgrade and an introduction to new gamers. The game is a quality experience, even if it’s a bit short on the game time. While many feel like it’s more of a tech demo, it’s a great game made by one dev.

Bright combines a cyberpunk aesthetic with a weird fantasy storyline. The title is an FPS game from top to bottom, which gives players straight-up action. The game on next-gen consoles would be a stunner.

The Xbox Series X would benefit from having Bright as a low-cost shoo-in. At the same time, Bright would look great with the improved lighting engine. If FYQD can add a bit more to the game apart from an aesthetic update, it should do great.

The Xbox Series X and S will come out on November 10. FYQD has enough time to improve on the game and add a level or two more as bonus.

Bright Memory will be on the Xbox Series X and S at launch. Bright Memory: Infinite will come out next year, likely on the same consoles and PC.

Featured image courtesy of FYQD-Studio/Youtube Screenshot

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