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France to have a second national lockdown


France to undergo a second national lockdown, which will be in place until December 1, 2020.

France will be under a new lockdown starting from Friday. President Emmanuel Macron announced the new measures and restrictions taken to control the rising COVID-19 infections.

The country has seen a stark rise in cases since the second wave started. Alone on Tuesday, it registered around 33,000 cases. It marked the highest rise since the first wave from March to April.

Not just France but infections have been on the rise all over Europe. A new study conducted in England suggests that nearly 100,000 people are testing positive for the virus daily.

How it’s all set to play out in France

While making the announcement, the president acknowledged that the second wave could have fatal effects than the first. He also mentioned the overwhelming nature of the second wave.

Under the new measures from Friday, people must stay at home apart from requirements to buy groceries or seek medical help. They are allowed to use one hour of outdoor exercise.

Supermarkets and pharmacies will be open, but cafes, bars, restaurants, and other shops selling nonessential goods will remain closed. Working employees will continue to work from home unless it’s mandatory to attend their workplace.

To carry a justified written statement

If anyone found outside their homes, they have to carry a justified written statement describing their purpose. Schools will remain open, but other higher educational institutions like the universities will be closed.

The citizens can assist their family members; visiting them in a care or retirement homes are acceptable. Travel between regions and international borders except the EU will be closed. However, French citizens can return from abroad.

Most of the public services, factories, farms, construction sites, essential businesses will remain open. During the period, funeral services can also go on.

Financial assistance and no to herd immunity

The rules are applicable all over France with an exception for the upcoming All Saint’s holiday weekend. Additionally, the authorities will assess the situation every 15 days.

Furthermore, the president stated that financial assistance would be provided. Small businesses will receive the assistance of €10,000, and the people who are unable to pay their rents will also be supported. He also mentioned that employees would continue to receive short-term work assistance.

The president further described that it’s his responsibility to protect the French citizens. He stated that his main goal for lockdown is to reduce the number of infections to at least 5,000.

Unlike Donald Trump, Macron rejected the idea of Herd Immunity, saying it has the potential to kill about 400,000 citizens, which is not in the French values nor interests.

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